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How to Invest in Amazon: Advantages, Prompts, Guidelines

Most traders would agree that the shares of this company are a good buy at almost any time and would not ask for any extra arguments. Still, if you have certain hesitations, we will provide a few facts in favor of this idea along with detailed instructions on where and how to make the investment.

Again, it seems like everyone understands that an investment in the share of this business giant is almost always a great idea. Yet, for those who have certain doubts, let us mention a few arguments:

  •   it is currently holding its place among the top 5 biggest IT companies in the USA;
  •   the base of its active users comprises 5 billion people from all around the globe;
  •   the monthly number of active users from the USA is over 200 million;
  •   about 70% of American citizens have a premium profile on this source;
  •   its assortment includes more than 75 million items;
  •   as of 2021, its share in the US e-commerce sphere is about 45%;
  •   it is among the 5 global leaders in terms of market capitalization ― its current result is $1,66 trillion;
  •   it has extended its service sphere far beyond the boundaries of a conventional online marketplace (think of such brand services as Drive, Web Series, Academy, and others);
  •   an average annual increase in the earnings is over 120%;
  •   the current stock price ― $3421,37 (as of December 24, 2021);
  •   the growth potential (according to experts) ― 30% (as a minimum).

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As there are probably no hesitations left, let us move to practical guidelines on how to invest in Amazon at the best terms:

  1. Get an account on a brokerage service. You cannot buy any stocks directly ― only with the help of an intermediary. As of now, there are more than 3000 brokers working on the American market. So, it would not be so easy to make a choice. Thus, we would like to give you a prompt ― register with Webull. It will allow you to invest in stocks on a 0%-commission basis. To sign-up, you will need to specify your email address or mobile number. Besides, for the sake of security, you will be asked to provide a copy of your ID.
  2. Link your bank account and make a deposit. On the platform mentioned, you can choose between ACH and wire transactions for adding funds to your balance. Besides, after your first deposit is completed, you will be offered two promo stocks as a bonus.
  3. Add Amazon to your watchlist (so that you can monitor the value of its stock). Enter “AMZN” in the search field at the top of the page and click on the icon of a star.
  4. When you are ready to make an investment, choose Amazon from the list. You will be asked to specify the order type, number of shares, and other details.

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In sum, most analysts agree that AMZN is a relatively safe choice for long-term investments. So, if you have certain funds in reserve, be sure to take this variant into consideration.


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