Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Minting money on people’s faith, superstition

Advertisements that promote superstition and related content have been frowned upon by the courts. Yet, in the absence of a contemporary law, there is a thin line that separates faith and superstition. Where does that leave us?

Brexit’s legal ramifications

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is a good time to reflect on the grouping, its evolution and legal framework and its partial unravelling. What does this mean for international trade?

Covid-19 vaccines: Beware of the fake news factory on after-effects

The arrival of vaccines has spawned all kinds of fake news such as they can cause impotency and lead to death. While there are no specific laws to tackle this, other regulations can crack down on misinformation.

New Year, Richer Fare

By Inderjit Badhwar Our first issue of 2021, marking the seventh eventful year of our publication in its current avatar, is laden with a wealth of original, information-packed interviews, analyses...

Bank NPAs: The new AMC rope trick

A bankers’ panel is working on faster resolution of stressed assets in public sector banks. The new concept will, they claim, help resolve the problem of large bad loans.

After Vodafone, Cairn win against retrospective taxation puts India in a corner

India’s retroactive tax demands have come back to haunt the government, with the Permanent Court of Arbitration awarding damages of $1.2 billion plus interest and costs to oil and gas explorer Cairn. What options does India have?

Funding lawsuits: For a piece of justice

According to the new concept, financiers pay legal fees and other costs of commercial lawsuits, arbitration or shareholder disputes, and in return, get a share of the award from a settlement or a win.

India: Democracy or Mobocracy?

As protests subsume India, the above question is being increasingly asked. While we are a democracy, we haven’t got it right as critics are put in detention, dissent silenced and majoritarian tactics used.

Vaccinating India’s Billions: A Gargantuan Task

As the centre gears up to vaccinate Indians for Covid-19, it has to keep in mind a number of parameters and give it to those who need it the most. India’s cases are among the lowest and the drive could see it on top of the game.

Ensuring Data Residency and Portability

Governments around the world have been trying to regularise it so that local laws may apply, but this is proving elusive in the absence of enforceable cross-border legal agreements.

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