Sunday, May 19, 2024

Gujarat High Court lawyer fined for smoking in car during virtual court session

New Delhi (IL News Service): The Gujarat High Court has fined a lawyer Rs 10,000 for smoking a cigarette in his car during an online hearing. 

Justice A S Supehia noticed lawyer Ajmera smoking while sitting in his car. The judge commented on the “conduct” of Ajmera and stated: “It was not expected from an advocate to be smoking in the car during court proceedings. Such behaviour of the advocate is required to be strictly condemned.”

Justice Supehia wrote in its order: “Advocates appearing through video conference are required to maintain minimum dignified decorum so that the majesty and dignity of the proceedings as well as the institution are maintained.”

He ordered the registrar (judicial) to initiate appropriate proceedings and file a report in ten days before the court.

The order reads that the report should be forwarded to the Bar Council of Gujarat (BCG). The BCG and Bar Association of High Court should inform the advocates

“to maintain a dignified decorum while conducting the matters through video conferencing. They shall be informed that the proceedings conducted through video conferencing shall be either from their respective residences or any office space, barring any vehicle or any open ground.”

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The order also says: “While attending the proceedings from their respective residences/offices, they shall also maintain appropriate sitting posture while addressing the Court.”

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