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Allahabad High Court summons Registrar General with record on March 29 on delay in appointment of driver

The Allahabad High Court has directed Registrar General Ashish Garg to appear before it on March 29, along with the record.

A Single Bench of Justice Manju Rani Chauhan passed this order, while hearing a petition filed by Devendra Mishra.

“The Court is sorry to record that more than two years have elapsed from the date of the appointment letter issued to the petitioner to be precise on December 5/6, 2019, but the petitioner has not been permitted to join as an enquiry is pending against the petitioner nor any decision is being taken by the Recruitment Committee qua the said enquiry due to which the petitioner is running from pillar to post, it is darkness under the candle light,” noted the Bench.

The petition has been filed by the petitioner for a direction upon the respondent authorities to permit the petitioner to join on the post of driver pursuance to the appointment letter dated December 6, 2019 with all consequential benefits to the petitioner within a period to be specified by the Court.

On March 14, 2022, the Counsel for the respondents submitted before the Court that she is not in a position to inform the Court as to whether any decision in the matter of the petitioner for his joining has been taken by the Recruitment Committee of the Court or not.

The matter was posted for March 23, but considering the fact that the Counsel for respondents was not in a position to explain as to why even after lapse of more than two years, the petitioner has not been permitted to join on the post of driver pursuant to the appointment letter dated 5th/6th December, 2019 and why the Recruitment Committee of the Court is not taking any decision qua the enquiry pending against the petitioner, the Court orally directed the Registrar General to remain present before the Court with all relevant records and place the decision of the Recruitment Committee, if any.

Pooja Agarwal, Advocate holding brief of Ashish Mishra, Counsel for respondents, informed the Court today that this whole week with effect from March 22 to 26, 2022, the Registrar General was discharging his duties at the High Court, Lucknow Bench at Lucknow, therefore, he was unable to appear before the Court.

“The request made on behalf of the respondents is accepted. Let the matter be placed before the Court again on March 29 as fresh date on which, the Registrar General shall appear before the Court, along with the relevant records and decision of the Recruitment Committee,” the order read.


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