Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sexual harassment case: Mumbai Court acquits TVF founder Arunabh Kumar

The  founder of the You Tube channel Arunabha Kumar has been acquired by the Mumbai court has in a sexual harassment case registered against him in 2017.

The order was passed by the Metropolitan Magistrate AI Shaikh at Andheri, Mumbai some time back in September ,yet the copy of the order has been made available recently.

Arunabha Kumar was acquitted by the judge considering the fact that there was an unexplained  unreasonable delay in the registration of FIR.

The FIR indicated that there was a sense of rivalry which seemed between Kumar and the complainant.Not only this the witness in the case were all from the same industry and seemed to be interest witnesses.

The order said that there is a lack of concrete evidence which the prosecution has provided.The order also indicated that persecution could not prove guilt if the accused.

The alleged incident of harassment took place in the first week of June 2014.

The victim said that she was working in an office which was situated opposite to Kumar’s office and one evening she eas  sitting outside the office with her friends when Kumar called her out.

She went up to him and while they were talking, Kumar allegedly touched her inappropriately and outraged her modesty. He also invited her to his house, which the accused found inappropriate. 

The complainant alleged that she screamed at the accused and left the place. The complainant mentioned about the incident in 2017 only.

In March 2017, another woman accused Kumar of ‘bad behaviour’. 

After this incident, the complainant lodged a FIR against Kumar. 

The trial concluded in 5 years and Kumar pleaded not guilty.


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