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How to get a gun license in India?

Approaching a gun license in India is not an easy task for everyone. The concept of a Gun License in India comes under the Arms Act of 1959. Any citizen of India who wants to own a gun is allowed to buy only NPB guns. This act has the provision which allows civilians to get the authority to have a gun license in case they have a major threat to their life.

The question arises of how to prove a threat to your life. Proving it isn’t tough, you can simply file an FIR. But, the complete process to obtain a Gun License in India is long. Here’s how to get a gun license.

How to Get a Gun License?

The first step in the process of getting a gun license in India is to submit an application. One can avail gun license form from the district superintendent of police. One can also apply for a gun license online.

Once police receive your application, your address is verified, and they also check your past criminal records.

Only address verification and status of past criminal records aren’t enough to prove your eligibility to obtain a Gun License. Police investigate your nature and behavior from neighbors. The investigation includes cross-checking with the people of society whether you were found involved in some fights or revealed your hyper-sensitive nature during arguments.

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-District Superintendent also takes interviews with the person applying for a Gun license. This interview is taken to check your physical or mental disabilities. 

-The most common question, “why do you need a gun”, is asked to get a satisfying and legitimate reason from you. Gun licenses can also be issued to one looking for protection from wild animals.

-The interview report is sent to both the crime branch and the national crime record bureau.

When all steps are completed, and DCP is satisfied with relevant information, civilians get a green signal to get a gun license after this.

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Required documents for getting gun from the factory

-License issued with valid date and place should be either in English or in Hindi

-Gun License photocopy

-Nonobjection certificate copy for the owner of the factory, and for police authorities.

-Transport license from the factory location.

What is the waiting time to procure a gun in India?

The pistol is delivered to the customer after around two months of waiting, and in certain situations, it might take up to three months depending on the factory’s manufacturing system. A renewal form is available for those who wish to renew their firearms license.

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In the renewal form, the customer is obligated to produce the weapon with the gun license, along with all the other documents which they’d already attested at the time of getting their license.

How To Sell Your Licensed Gun?

  • To sell your licensed gun you need to submit an application with Rs 5/- court stamp on it with the original gun license copy. 
  • You should also inform the arms branch about your interest in selling your gun.

Can Overseas Indian Citizens Get Gun License In India?

Getting a gun license in India depends on the residence of the overseas citizen. 

It has to prove the state of residence is permanent. There should be a valid reason why it wants a gun license. Obtaining a license for overseas citizens coming to India for short time is very hard.

When is a gun license canceled?

If a person suppresses or fails to transmit the necessary material facts for acquiring a firearms license, the license might be revoked by officials. A gun license can also be suspended for a set length of time by regulators.

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The license officer has the authority to suspend a gun license if he believes the owner of the gun has violated certain provisions of the statute.

They can also suspend a gun license if there is a threat in the public space or if the weapon is not delivered after the licensing term has expired.


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