Thursday, February 22, 2024
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What is FIR?

FIR is the short form of the first information report which has all details recorded by a police officer on duty given through a dissident person or the person to the commission of the alleged offens...

What is spear phishing?

A phishing scam is an internet scam that is mostly related to suspicious actions made by third parties with the intention to steal your important information like bank credentials and credit card det...

What is the Minimum Wages Act?

Everywhere outside the world whenever there comes the discussion of the economy, the wage of the poor is talked about as a prime source of discussion. With an aim to bring financial equality and econ...

How to Spy Legally?

Spying on someone isn’t easy, rather a very tricky proposition. Watching a television star spying in a web series or show makes you curious about this activity.

How to Distinguish Civil law and Criminal law?

Understanding civil and criminal law, and identifying the actual differences between both of them is very important for citizens, lawyers, and Civil aspirants preparing for IAS. Civil law identifies behavior that has an injury to an individual or other private party like a corporation.

How to Become A Lawyer in India: A Complete Guide

The role of lawyers is considered very significant to uphold the law of the country and protect the legal rights of their clients. The scope of a career in the legal industry is very rewarding, but for a few who are dedicated to the profession. Earning potential and job satisfaction move to the next level where you can identify a good career path for you.

What is PIL (Public Interest Litigation)?

Public interest litigation is filed in a court of law to protect public interests like pollution, terrorism, road safety, construction hazards, etc.  Any matter related to the society where the interest of the public is affected at a large scale can be addressed by filing Public interest litigation in a court of law.

What is an Employee Bond Agreement?

A written document is always solid proof of any terms or the agreement. When it is about defining terms and norms of connection between employment and employees, the employment bond contract plays a very important role.  In this description, we briefly outline some major points with such agreements with their usefulness to employers:

How to deal with cybercrime in India?

Any misconduct or offense done with a criminal mindset to harm someone over the internet or Gadgets is defined under the category of cybercrime. There are so many categories of crimes, but when it is cybercrime, the least crimes are approached to harm the victim, the vast majority are committed for financial gain.

How does taxation of Digital Assets apply in India?

You might doubt one surprising reality, that is, India is the country with the highest number of cryptocurrency owners in the world. The NASSCOM, in collaboration with WazirX, created a report based on research describing the huge growth in the Crypto-Tech industry in India. 

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