Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Special Story

Landlord Tenant Issues and the main features of the New Tenancy Act

After the partition Delhi saw a huge influx of migrants and the Government was forced to ease rules for the migrants and to re-settle thousands of migrant and the laws were in favour of protecting economically weaker section of the society even for those who cannot pay rent or apply for loan.

Tribute To The Pontiff

On wee hours of Sep 6, the Pontiff of Edneer Mutt of Kerala left for heavenly abode. Ordinarily, the death of a religious head would not concern the legal world – except, this Pontiff who gave to us the most important constitutional case in our history, for his name was His Holiness Kesavananda Bharati.

Contempt Of Most Powerful Court In The Democratic World @ Re.1

It is well settled that a citizen while exercising right under Article 19(1) is entitled to make a fair criticism of a judge, judiciary and its functioning. However, the right under Article 19(1) is subject to restriction under clause (2) of Article 19.

Workmen Dues vis-à-vis Insolvency Bankruptcy Code – Sunk Rights under Sinking Enterprises?

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy regime of India has evolved steadily since its beginning in 2016, benefitting from the jurisprudential osmosis. This article attempts to study the providence of the workmen of an insolvent employer within the scheme of Code.

Plea in SC to delete certain sections of Special Marriage Act

A plea has been moved before the Supreme Court challenging few provisions of the Special Marriage Act for being violative of fundamental rights of the citizens.

A Rival to Zoom?

Even as a Kerala firm is hailed for developing the best video-conferencing solution after a contest, its product should serve different segments at a reasonable cost and have watertight security

Adulterated Justice?

The harrowing story of Prem Chand, a Sonipat shopkeeper who was acquitted 38 years after being accused of selling contaminated turmeric, is a classic case of due diligence and lawful action not being performed

Tread Carefully

Giving women permanent commission in the Army needs to be hailed but it would be prudent not to involve them in direct armed conflict in case they are captured as PoWs. Let this not be done to please a certain lobby

The Vaccine Race: Who Gets It First?

Pharmaceutical firms and labs across the world are in a frantic race to find a vaccine to counter Covid-19. For all the urgency, the big question is will the rich countries get it first and leave the rest at the back of the queue?

The Burden of Victory

With the Rajapaksas getting a resounding win in the general election in Sri Lanka, they will be able to get rid of the 19th amendment which curbs presidential powers. But getting back to the unitary state could pose problems

News Update

BJP president JP Nadda’s new team lays stress on youth

New Delhi (ILNS): Ahead ...

Covid-19 has taught us how to manage a pandemic

The pandemic has reitera...

The Patriarchal Bar

By Inderjit Badhwar I...
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