Saturday, October 16, 2021
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How Important is Training Need Analysis for your Organization

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Most of the  companies in the present time  give training to their staff members or employees they employ. The goal is to keep the capability level of everybody the same and fill the snaps of inability in the working space. What is the significance if the training provided in your working space is not effective? Certainly , an ineffective training is going to generate ineffective employees only. You need to keep a check on the training you are offering.

Training need analysis  or TNA technique is a method of deciding in case a particular training need is there and, if the answer is yes, what sort of training is needed to fill the gap. Remember that TNA tries to properly identify the degrees of the present situation in the target surveys, interview, observation, secondary data and workshop. The gap between the present status and desired status could specify issues that in turn can get interpreted into a training requirement.

It is crucial to understand that there must be TNA so that the training is proper, efficient and result oriented. The main stage in your Training programs is recognizing the correct training needs. You need to find your employee’s skill gaps with the help of advanced psychometrics and data analytics. Once there is right analysis of training, you would get a proper idea about the training, its results and productivity. In this way you would get to know how effectively and properly the training members are getting trained and what may be lacking.

What is the requirement of Analyzing Your Training Program?

Each and every single business or company that organizes training programs for the employees spend so much of money, time, efforts and human power on the concept. Of course , what is the point in case the training you are giving is not right, effective and proper? Everything right from time, money  to man power invested in the training program is going to go in vain. You would be at the same stage where you were actually before the start of the training program. So, it is crucial that you analyze  everything before you get started with it. After all, the wiser you are at your moves, the better you can get out of your efforts.

Importance of ingredients of your training program 

To know your employees is the right manner in which you can dodge redundancy in training. Thus, to start with what you already know is a proper practical method while filling in blanks with the help of requirement analysis.  In case there is no training analysis, you can easily incline to witness other projects getting suffered because of the concentration of employees getting taken up by unnecessary training. The employees who get pushed or compelled to relearn the information might get bored and strained, allowing their work suffers as well. You need to find out the difference between professionals and trainee learners. When you know what the requirement is, you can easily accomplish it with the proper training. 

Don’t teach everything to everyone 

Many employers are of the feeling that it is the finest policy to teach everything to everyone. However, it is incorrect thing.  You may be thinking that it is  decent to teach all the staff members in your company all the skills to cover the general things, right? But it is a lot time consuming and equally unsuccessful.   In case you wish to try to fit all the staff members in the single size, it is not really going to be much productive. For example, in case a person in the sales team is required to do the tasks of documentation and the other person in the field work; but you are also training the cold calling methods and techniques to them, that would be simply a waste of their time, energy, efforts, and effectivity.  On the other side if you are imparting to the employees what they already have a great grasp on, they could think that you don’t know a lot about their respective tasks and works and hence you are imparting everything to everyone.

What is the sense if you are a person of accounts but you are getting proper training of HR or field work too? It would be really double tension and less effective for you. It is not a wise idea to teach every employee the same things. The training program must be such that has something for everybody.

Does There Come Any Change after Training?

In case you have been executing training programs for some time now, it is the right time that you evaluate the worth of your training programs. Go ahead and check out how many staff members have polished their skills and gained effectiveness after the training.   Who learnt what and how their tasks or specific works modified afterwards; every single thing should be known to you so as to enhance and improve your training programs?  When you do proper analysis of your training programs, you will end up with a proper picture of the candidates and their ability. 

Remember that effective training or development depends heavily on having an idea about what is required for the individual, the department and even the company as a whole. With limited budgets and the requirement for cost-effective solutions, all businesses need to ensure that the resources invested in training are affected in areas where training and improvement is crucial and a positive return on the investment is improved. TNA aids the company or a business to channel different resources into the zones where they are going to contribute the most to the development of employee  , enhancing morale and overall performance of the company. Also, this concept of TNA is a natural task of assessment systems and even is a main requirement for the award of people and investors.


So, you should definitely be thoughtful about training need analysis or you may be wasting your time, efforts and energy. What is the point if your straining programs are useless because you didn’t think much about what should go into it?

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