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Flag taken off BJP MLA’s car: Petition against FIR dismissed by Allahabad High Court

Prayagraj (ILNS): The Allahabad High Court has refused to grant relief to 12 proctorial and faculty staff, including Professor Brij Bhushan Singh, professors and employees of Aligarh Muslim University, accused of taking the flag off a BJP MLA’s car and using abusive language on the driver.

The High Court has rejected a petition seeking quashing of the criminal case underway in the CJM’s Court.

The Court said that it is an undisputed fact that the petitioners were present on the spot. Whether abused or not, it will be decided on the evidence presented at the time of trial of the case. The lower court has not abused the judicial process, the high court maintained.

The order was passed by Justice JJ Munir on the petition of Professor Brij Bhushan Singh and others.

On October 22, 2019 at 4 pm, MLA Dalveer Singh’s driver took a car to Guddu Singh University campus to pick up Vijay Kumar Singh, the grandson of the MLA. The legislator’s grandson is studying foreign languages. The car had a BJP flag. There is a ban on bringing vehicles flying a party flags on the university campus. It has been alleged that the petitioners stopped the car and forced the driver to take off the flag and even verbally abused the driver.

The FIR has been lodged in the Civil Lines Police Station. The police filed a charge sheet against the petitioners. This petition (in the high court) was filed on January 23, 2020 seeking cancellation of the charge sheet and criminal trial.

The petitioners said that they did not abuse (the driver) and were following protocols on prohibition on cars flying party flags. No offence has been committed, they claimed. But the high court, while dismissing the petition, said that the right to trial cannot be stopped.

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