Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bharat Will Be Bandh On Sunday For Janata Curfew

Tomorrow, India will heed for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for a first ever nationwide “Janta Curfew” in which people have been requested to stay indoors from 7 am to 9 pm. The move is also meant to serve as a strong message to the world at large that India is determined to fight this menace of corona virus unitedly.

During his speech, the Prime Minister urged people not to move out of their homes on March 22. He urged organisations such as the NCC and NSS, which are led by youth, civil society and other organisations to actively engage with citizens and encourage them to follow the curfew.

PM Modi also requested everyone to call and inform at least 10 other people about the curfew. Keeping the PM’s speech in mind, here are some FAQs regarding the Janta Curfew. The curfew is a self quarantining  request request made by the Prime Minister to battle the novel coronavirus strain COVID-19.

While technically it is not compulsory to stay indoors during this time, it’s advisable for everyone to stay inside to keep safe from the novel coronavirus. You can go out in case of an emergency.

The PM also called on people to express gratitude to the doctors, nurses, paramedics, municipal staff, police and airport workers, by going to their balconies and windows at 5 pm on Sunday and express their support by clapping, banging plates and ringing bells. “They are the protectors of the nation”, he said.

The gist of his 30 minutes speech could be summed up :

* Be alert and do not move out of your home unless it is essential

* People over 60-65 years must stay at home as they are vulnerable.

*Avoid going to hospitals unless it is essential.

*The covid-19 economic task force formed to suggest fiscal measures

*. Companies requested not to deduct the salaries of their staff

* Stop panic buying as the nation has enough stocks of food and essential goods

*. Do not believe in rumours and exercise restraint.


Never in the past had any Prime Minister gone to the people seeking their cooperation in combating a health threat of this magnitude. Modi patiently explained the magnitude of the threat and gave advice on how to deal with this menace.


Prime Minister Modi’s appeal to the citizens to fight the coronavirus has received overwhelming support across the spectrum. Barring a few, the movement to fight the coronavirus received support from all sections of the society. The support for PM Modi also came from unexpected quarters . In acknowledgement, PM Modi said on Friday such a “bipartisan support in these efforts is deeply appreciated. We have to fight this menace together”.

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