Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Complaint filed by Rajasthan Judge alleging blackmail using morphed photographs

A police complaint has been filed by a judge from Rajasthan after she was received letters threatening to leak morphed, ‘obscene’ pictures and ‘spoil’ her reputation if she did not pay ₹20 lakhs.

As per the report available, the pictures were reported to have been taken from her social media account and were edited before they were delivered to the judge’s court chamber as well as her residence last month.

Letter containing the pictures read that …be ready with Rs 20 lakh, otherwise will spoil you and your family. Time and place will be informed soon.

As per the media report, there has been no arrests in the case so far, although one culprit has been identified via CCTV footage.

On February 7, a man gave letter to the stenographer of the judge after claiming him to be from the school where the judge’s children were studying. The letter contained morphed pictures of the judge.

A similar letter was reportedly also delivered to the government residence where the judge was staying on February 27 as well.

Without a second thought the judge filed a police complaint, which was registered on February 28. As per IANS, the judge had also expressed concern that someone had been tracking her schedule.

As per the information available , the accused is a man in his 20s who was identified as handing over a package to be delivered to the judge’s chamber at Jaipur after examining CCTV footage from the court.


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