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Delhi HC asks police to remove encroachers from opposite Khusro Park

Delhi HC asks police to remove encroachers from opposite Khusro Park

In the matter pertaining to the rehabilitation of people rendered homeless due to the demolition of the Nizamuddin night shelter, the Delhi High Court bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar on Tuesday (July 4) ordered the SHO of the area to ensure that no encroachment takes place, especially on dividers in the area opposite the Amir Khusro Park.

The court also said that the PWD should assist Delhi Police in removing the trespassers.

The bench took cognizance of the illegal encroachments on the road opposite the Amir Khusro Park. The DDA had previously demolished illegal structures and a night shelter at the park. The displaced people went over to the divider opposite the park and the footpaths, built jhuggis and started living.

The Waqf board submitted that the monuments at the Park are in dangerous condition, while people are taking their cars into the park and children are playing games.

At this the bench told the Waqf board: “You need a place to bury your dead, and it is your duty to protect the old graves. What is the practice in the land here? Here we are looking at protecting the old structures. Please make your map and give to us.”

The bench appealed: “Please help the city to live.”

The bench also directed that the old structure, described as the Illahi Khan Mosque, should not be demolished.

Mathura Road

In another matter, the bench took cognisance of encroachment on Mathura Road and asked the Waqf Board “where are you going to bury the people who die today? For how many people you do get space?”

The respondent pointed out the huge growth in population. The bench said that the land was needed badly for those who are living.

The respondent suggested building skyscrapers, but the court was not interested. The bench said: “You don’t have to argue over that. Please apply your mind and look at what is ideal.

The bench observed: “We can reuse the graveyard. You see, land can’t grow and people need space to live.”

The issue remains unsettled.

— India Legal Bureau