Sunday, April 14, 2024

Delhi High Court to form panel to probe “shame shame” chants during Jamia violence hearing

The Delhi High Court has agreed to form a committee to look into the “shame shame” chants by some persons, believed to be lawyers, in the court on Thursday. A group of lawyers today made a special mention before the Chief justice of the Delhi High Court to take suo moto cognizance of the incident when “shame shame” was shouted during a hearing on petition on Jamia violence.

Different bar associations sought action against the ones who shouted in the court under the Contempt of Court Act. They also requested the court to constitute a committee to look into the matter.

Petitioners Manoj Dhiryan and Vaibhav Mishra had sought interim protection to the students from any sort of coercive action by the police. When the division bench denied any respite to the students, some persons shouted “shame shame”.

The court had, however, issued notices to both Centre and the Delhi Police directing them to file a response in the Jamia incident.

One of the lawyers representing a bar association said, “Let them tender an apology. Eyewitnesses have named the ones who shouted. Some senior advocates have also been named. Whoever it is, they are not above the law. We earn bread and butter from this court. This is blasphemy of law.”

The contempt should be initiated, demanded another member of the bar association. “This is an unprecedented event, we have never witnessed anything like this. The message should go. Registrar should see the CCTV footage to identify who all were involved in this incident,” he added.


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