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‘Good behaviour’ bond demanded from Arnab Goswami for remarks during Palghar and Bandra migrant labour incidents

New Delhi (ILNS): Troubles have not receded for Republic TV Editor Arnab Goswami. Mumbai Police has now issued a show-cause notice to Goswami, alleging that remarks were made during the Palghar lynching case and the Bandra migrants incident, which were communally provocative in nature.

The police have demanded that Goswami sign a bond for “Good behaviour”.

In serving the notice Sudhir Jambavdekar, assistant commissioner of police (Worli division), exercised his power as an Executive Magistrate under Section 108 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Code. Under that section the police can demand “security for good behaviour” from a person, suspected of acts like publication of materials affecting communal harmony.

Goswami has been asked to present himself before the Special Executive Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Worli Division on today at 4 pm.

The notice was to show cause why he should not be asked to furnish the said bond to the amount of Rs 10 lakh for the duration of one year with one guarantor “who is well-known in society and who can control his behaviour”.

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  1. Bloody balls, now, the MAH Govt. have crossed all the limits of stupidity, what a bout that “HARAMKHOR” (naughty) Sanjay Raut? what type of bond one should seek from him?.

  2. We know that why Mumbai police is doing so
    As arnab whats to bring the truth behind every politician who had a hand in Sushants case

  3. Shame on you Mumbai police the heights of tyranny, why can’t we deem them as the ones with utter disrespect to Indian preamble and constitutional rights of Indian citizen

    • Shame on you and people like you which thinks justice is my liberty and gets personal liberty
      you paid human bots.
      How much money they paid you to comment and tweet every where?
      Why other journalists are not free and keep them months on jail without bail where they are just arrested for journalism not for any criminal activity like this arnab.
      Do you do the same thing to ask for the other journalists?
      Or do you really care for the real justice which is required here?

  4. It’s Absolutely necessary there should be reasonable restrictions, as these media reaches to mass, and the mass follows, they should report news and not to be a judge on channels for that we have courts input country .. and they should not raise their voice..

  5. Will the said police official sign a bond of good behaviour on behalf of all Maharashtra police.. and assure the rest of the country that Phalgar like incidents do not happen again?

  6. Parambir Singh and the Maharashtra Government too should had been asked to sign a bond of non interference in functioning of individuals and channels aka privvate business. Lae should be the same for all individuals and Governments alike.Government officials are making mockery of laws and using rules to harass individuals to please the ruling dispensation.
    YourWire seems to be biased and is not reporting correctly.Inspite of Arnabs getting bail you are pointing and citing reactions and statements .Authors of articles are displaying leftist views.Can I say that wire is a mouthpiece of leftist ideology.
    I would not like to subscribe to He Wire anymore. You require a shift in your ideologyso that every happening can be seen from a centrisst viewpoint.

  7. If Arnab is asked for a bond then what will NDTV & IndiaToday group along with entire Sickular media shld b banned for what they have been propagating for last 2 decades!!! Despite SC being aware of the sickening harassment of Arnab, it’s baffling how Maharshtra Sarkar is continuing with their Vendetta in the open!!!! Shameless, 2 sadhus r lynched n brutalised to death in the presence of Maharshtra Police & they call rasining of that issue as communal!!! What will happen to people who screamed n twisted the Akhlaq type Hindu bashing stories???

  8. How about the Owaisi brothers who are nothing but communal. I wish the Mumbai police acts against them instead of journalists with vindictive attitude.

    • My bro there is already a law for them and they are arrested whenever needed.
      But i don’t think there is a law for this Arnab who have protection shield of so called Personal liberty who can speak any time hatred without proof.
      He speaks any thing without proof this is really dangerous for society and people like you support him shame.

  9. Republic will never bend in front of MVA Govt…. Because even though targetting Arnab, unknowingly they are taking action against constitution i.e Article 19&21

    • Arnab should shift his studio to UP orDelhi and do reporting from there after obtaining an z plus security

  10. If the police and the government had shown good governance, this point of seeking an undertaking from Arnab Goswami would not have arised.

  11. Do they also defined what good behaviour consists of. I mean we have grown up witnessing a kind of raudy behaviour displayed by Shivsena and Raj Thakaray’s party against time and again. They attacked people people at will. They have harassed non – Maharashtrians. They have affected international relationships. Were they ever asked to sign a bond. I’m only asking what is exactly bad behaviour.

  12. This Nonsensical article by a JNU Based should be ashamed at attempts to throw down ARNAB GOSWAMI. Don’t sell yoir soul India illegal, we are with Arnab

  13. This Nonsensical article by a JNU Based should be ashamed at attempts to throw down ARNAB GOSWAMI. Don’t sell yoir soul India illegal

  14. All rubbish,, Maharashtra Govt should ask to behave properly instead,,,,It seems Mumbai Police has nothing to do than running behind Arnab,, shameless

  15. Looks like the ruling government is going after Republic with a vengeance. And the police are their instrument of delivery. A harsh lesson for anyone who dares to speak out against the ruling alliance in Maharashtra??

  16. Those in uniform Who are supposed to carry out their duty of Protecting The Layman, have they depicted good behavior during Incidents where citizen’s Life has been in danger ? – (palghar and Sushant case). Why demand such commitments from people fighting for the truth against Above behavior?

  17. Can Mumbai Police be issued a show cause notice how did they barge in without summons to arrest illegally any citizen , never to act with Malice and behave like Goons supressing freedom of expression and harass and act out of vengence and abide by their duty .

  18. Who will control the behaviour of anti-national , anti-hindu rogues and whores who had screamed saffron terrorism ?

    I have a question to those who had screamed saffron terror
    Can you name one country any where in the world where a hindu was arrested
    indulging in terrorism for the sake of religion ?
    Will they apologise ?

  19. Firstly, Mumbai police apologize that they will not be so shameless again & stoop so low as to run a vendetta campaign against Republic.

  20. Sometime tricks work better than might and that too is going to happen in the case of Arnab Goswami.Maharastra police under Udhav Thackray is trying by hook or by crook to giggle the voice of the Republic TV.

  21. This is a joke, an attempt to control media and free speech. He has shown a full clip of Palghar sadhu lynching.

  22. I stand with Arnab Goswami and Republic TV and as a genuine journalist he should be given freedom to report & speech.

    • Shame on you!
      You called arnab a journalist. Every day on prime time he speaks only about his personal issues.
      He only express his thoughts and tried to put his thoughts on you to spread publicly with hash tags
      Is this a news channel or his personal youtube channel LOL
      Why on earth this channel exist. Soon the ruling party of india will loose and he will be arrested he is safe due to the persons who have tweeted for him. This clearly shows how government is biased on him and his personal liberty.

  23. Good behavior like how Maharashtra police demonstrated it, when they gave up the sadhus to the mob, be beaten to death??

  24. Mumbai police is seen acting with partiality as there is need to apply this demand on all , who use public forums for commenting and press has a privikedge over others !

  25. He must never sign this frivolous bond and further challenge it in the higher courts of justice. Mumbai Police has been left red faced after a strong verdict against it by the recent SC bail hearing of Arnab Goswami. Arnab & Republic TV should take strong legal action against the unlawful behaviour & police harrasment by each one who have been involved in the conspiracy. Its high time central investigative agencies take custodial interrogation of Mumbai CP & his subordinates for all the illegalities committed in last few months in SSR & DISHA death cases as well as Palghar lynching, Bandra migrant issue & false targeting of Arnab & Republic TV. Drag these goons to court and teach them a lesson of their lifetimes. Whole nation is with truth & Republic TV.


    • You people who are destroying the truth will really learn a lesson from GOD mind it.
      “Jo boyega wahi payega tera kiya age ayega”
      yaad rakh

  27. This is witch Hunt with Republic TV. With these trics his popularity will further increase. Udhav Thackeray should be broad minded. Arnab has done nothing wrong. His questioning is correct.

  28. Arnab will never change his behaviour. He is not a normal person. Arnab and General Bakshi need to be admired to mental rehab. They are both out of control and a menace to society.

  29. Wtf is “migra labour issue”?? You leftist congi propangandists don’t kno Palghar case was lynching of a Hindu sadhu?? Bloody assholes..

  30. This was necessary. He was very polite to western countries guests on his shows but very insultative to guests from the some subcontinent countries…..


  32. *?महान देशभक्त राष्ट्रपुत्र महात्मा नाथूराम गोडसे को उनके बलिदान दिवस पर शौर्यपूर्ण श्रद्धांजलि*

    *? 19 मई 1910 बारामती पुणे (महाराष्ट्र)*
    *? 15 नवंबर 1949 अंबाला जेल (पंजाब)*

    *▪️महात्मा नाथूराम गोडसे का अंतिम बयान ??*

    *♦️ कहा जाता है की इसे सुनकर अदालत में उपस्थित सभी लोगो की आँखे गीली हो गई थी और कई तो रोने लगे थे। एक जज महोदय ने अपनी टिपणी में लिखा था की यदि उस समय अदालत में उपस्थित लोगो को जज बनाया जाता और उनसे फैंसला देने को कहा जाता तो निसंदेह वे प्रचंड बहुमत से नाथूराम के निर्दोष होने का निर्देश देते!*

    *♦️इस मुकदमे की सुनवाई के दौरान जज खोसला से नाथूराम ने अपना पक्ष खुद पढ़ कर जनता को सुनाने की अनुमति माँगी थी, जिसे जज ने स्वीकार कर लिया था l*

    *▪️नाथूराम जी ने अपने बयान में कहा??*

    *♦️ सम्मान ,कर्तव्य और अपने देश वासियों के प्रति प्यार कभी कभी हमें अहिंसा के सिद्धांत से हटने के लिए बाध्य कर देता है। में कभी यह नहीं मान सकता की किसी आक्रामक का सशस्त्र प्रतिरोध करना कभी गलत या अन्याय पूर्ण भी हो सकता है।*

    *♦️प्रतिरोध करने और यदि संभव हो तो ऐसे शत्रु को बलपूर्वक वश में करना को मैं एक धार्मिक और नैतिक कर्तव्य मानता हूँ। मुसलमान अपनी मनमानी कर रहे थे, या तो कांग्रेस उनकी इच्छा के सामने आत्मसर्पण कर दे और उनकी सनक ,मनमानी और गंदे रवैये के स्वर में स्वर मिलाये अथवा उनके बिना काम चलाये वे अकेले ही प्रत्येक वस्तु और व्यक्ति के निर्णायक थे।*

    *♦️महात्मा गाँधी अपने लिए जूरी और जज दोनों थे .गाँधी जी ने मुस्लिमों को खुश करने के लिए हिंदी भाषा के सौंदर्य और सुन्दरता के साथ बलात्कार किया। गाँधी जी के सारे प्रयोग केवल और केवल हिन्दुओ की कीमत पर किये जाते थे। जो कांग्रेस अपनी देश भक्ति और समाज वाद का दंभ भरा करती थी। उसी ने गुप्त रूप से बंदूक की नोक पर पाकिस्तान को स्वीकार कर लिया और जिन्ना के सामने नीचता से आत्मसमर्पण कर दिया।*

    *♦️मुस्लिम तुष्टिकरण की नीति के कारण भारत माता के टुकड़े कर दिए गये और 15 अगस्त 1947 के बाद देश का एक तिहाई भाग हमारे लिए ही विदेशी भूमि बन गई। नेहरु तथा उनकी भीड़ की स्वीकारोक्ति के साथ ही एक धर्म के आधार पर अलग राज्य बना दिया गया .इसी को वे बलिदानों द्वारा जीती गई स्वतंत्रता कहते है। और, किसका बलिदान ?*

    *♦️जब कांग्रेस के शीर्ष नेताओ ने गाँधी जी के सहमती से इस देश को काट डाला ,जिसे हम पूजा की वस्तु मानते है , तो मेरा मस्तिष्क भयंकर क्रोध से भर गया .मैं साहस पूर्वक कहता हूँ की गाँधी अपने कर्तव्य में असफल हो गए। उन्होंने स्वयं को पाकिस्तान का पिता होना सिद्ध किया।*

    *♦️मैं कहता हूँ की मैंने गोलियां एक ऐसे व्यक्ति पर चलाईं ,जिसकी नीतियों और कार्यो से करोड़ों हिन्दुओं को केवल बर्बादी और विनाश ही मिला। ऐसी कोई क़ानूनी प्रक्रिया नहीं थी जिसके द्वारा उस अपराधी को सजा दिलाई जा सके, इसीलिए मैंने इस घातक रास्ते का अनुसरण किया।*

    *♦️मैं अपने लिए माफ़ी की गुजारिश नहीं करूँगा ,जो मैंने किया उस पर मुझे गर्व है। मुझे कोई संदेह नहीं है की इतिहास के इमानदार लेखक मेरे कार्य का वजन तोल कर भविष्य में किसी दिन इसका सही मूल्यांकन करेंगे। जब तक सिन्धु नदी भारत के ध्वज के नीचे से ना बहे तब तक मेरी अस्थियो का विसर्जन मत करना।*

    *?ऐसे देशभक्त क्रांतिकारी तथा प्रखर विचारक को मैं उनके चरणों में शत शत नमन करता हूं ?*

    *?महात्मा नाथूराम गोडसे अमर रहे ?*

  33. Are Bombay police was sleeping when Arnab made remarks long back? Common people can clearly understand the motive behind this type of action. It is giving wrong message to entire world and this revenge policy must be stopped at any cost and must be punished. Misuse of power is not acceptable.

    • This is clearly we are telling to ruling party of India and the government.
      They are really misusing power of giving bail to arnab so early as the other journalists are still on jail.
      Whole india is looking there biased judgements.
      Now i want to tell you are you sleeping when Arnab was spreading hatred to communities and making a communal angle is this is our India.
      We are Indians
      We are equal
      and we are not divided
      mind it.

  34. Foolish Mumbai police. The Mumbai police need to be criminally prosecuted in the Supreme court for contempt.

  35. State administration should be asked as to why a good behaviour bond should not be provided by them. Both palghar and bandra incidents are sheer mismanagement of police. When there are only special trains were being operated distined for Bihar and its origin point is in central railway, it’s for police to investigate, identity and arrest mischief mongers. However, how Arnab could be dragged to the issue?

  36. There is a difference in interpretation of the right to freedom of speech. The rightist take it as hurling abuses , using a language devoid of politeness, shouting and the like whereas leftist – a term used to those opposing the ruling party interpret it as right to oppose in a peaceful manner and expressing views in a tone not as abrasive as that of rightist. Hence, very welcome action on the part of executive magistrate to seek a bond of good behaviour. We should not allow to express vengeance in loud and insulting voice lest our childern learn such style.

  37. He will not give. The matter will go to Court of law where police will have to spell out what is good behavior as per them. Trial court may accept police versions making it to move up to HC. Thakre government is spoiling own image for trivial purpose.

  38. The Uddhav leading Sonia Sena govt.has a lacking in good administration except hunting after Republic TV and Arnab Goswami. Insulting time and again from the court no correction grows in govt. Callous and inefficient persons ruling Maharashtra. Uddhav should resign.

  39. If true, then blasphemy law is being applied here. Somone instigated migrants to gather at the mosque,all know it and know why too. Instead of investigating who did it,Mumbai police is shooting the messenger. Why?.
    Police is protecting the ones who caused it,it’s very obvious?

  40. This is really funny. The actions by NCP mobs and other goons on innocent sadhus leading to their death were more provocative than Arnab asking questions to the Police and State Government. State Government cannot find tactics to stop peoples voice but work towards safety of common citizen.

  41. The Mumbai police has done a good thing in demanding good behaviour bond from errant Arnab. He is a nuisance to the society. BJP is thriving only because of such stooges and idiots

  42. Police abetting lynching in Palghar.Is they them themselves are following rule of Law.this dictatorship of governance is not acceptable as we are democratic country.Also, Maha govt doesn’t take accountability and falls in the eye of people they can even lose power over BMC.

  43. If a fact finder had to succumb to this highhandedness, then what is the accountability of the police on these incidents. Should they not be proportionally penalised for such a dastardly act of not bringing to justice the perpetrators of such crimes.

  44. This should apply to Mr Sanjay Raut and BMC commissioner also……so they have spine to do the same, else arrest Mr Owaisi’s also.

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