Gurugram namaz: Former Rajya Sabha MP moves contempt petition in Supreme Court, seeks action against Haryana DGP, officials

Former Rajya Sabha MP Muhammad Adeeb on Thursday moved a contempt petition in the Supreme Court against the Haryana DGP and the Chief Secretary of the Haryana government for contempt of the order of the Apex Court alleging their inaction in complying with the directions passed by the Court regarding measures to be taken to curb communal violence in Gurugram that result hate crimes.

According to the petition, the Apex Court while taking cognizance of the increasing number of hate crimes, including mob violence and lynching, had passed certain directions with regard to the measures to be taken to curb the communal and violent tendencies that result in perpetration of hate crimes.

Citing an old decision in the Supreme Court, the contempt petition mentioned that it has been said that every state receives rising complaints in the case of inflammatory speech and communal violence. The police should take appropriate steps immediately, the MP urged in his petition.

It has been said in the petition that some mischievous elements are obstructing the Friday namaz and giving provocative speeches at the time of Jumma namaz in Gurugram, where recently there has been an admitted spurt in communal incidents over the place of prayers used by one community. Despite complaining to the police administration several times, no proper steps were taken by the police, the petitioner said.

In the last couple of months, there has been a constant rise in incidents revolving around the Friday prayers offered by Muslims at the behest of certain identifiable hooligans, who portray themselves falsely in the name of religion and seek to create an atmosphere of hatred and prejudice against one community across the city, the petition said.

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The directions were effective measures passed by the Top Court ensuring that the law enforcement agencies are sensitized and well-prepared to nip in the bud any such tendencies that may give rise to divisive and violent incidents, the Petition said.

The petition also argued that there is serious inaction on the part of the state machinery in taking effective measures for preventing such incidents in Gurugram. The petition also pointed out that with no strict action being taken against the unruly elements, on December 3, the incidents escalated and a larger group was present at various namaz sites in Gurugram chanting communally divisive and hateful slogans.

The plea has been filed through Advocate Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi and drawn by Advocates Ashima Mandla, Ibad Mushtaq and Akanksha Rai.

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