Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Kerala Cures Foreign COVID19 Cases in State, While 18 Keralites Die Abroad

While 18 malayalees have died in foreign countries due to COVID-19, all foreigners who had been undergoing treatment in various hospitals across Kerala have full recovered and will be ready fly back to their respective countries after the mandatory observation period.

Eight Malayalees have died in the United States, four each in the UK and Saudi Arabia and one from UAE and Ireland have died in the last one month. . But foreigners who were undergoing treatment in Kerala including seven British nationals and an Italian have all recovered and all have been profusely thankful to the health authorities in Kerala, particularly the doctors and nurses. The four Britons were discharged from Kochi’s Aster Medicity Hospital on Friday an Italian and three Britons had been released earlier.

Among those who recovered is Brian Neil, who was holidaying in Munnar and was found to be infected. Along with a group of tourists, he was about to board a flight back to London when he was stopped and admitted to hospital. He was in critical care at the Government Medical College in Kochi where, among other things, he was administered medicine for HIV after taking permission from his family back in England. That proved to be a crucial move, it seems in retrospect

All of them are being put up at a resort in Kochi and will be allowed to fly back after the mandatory observation period is over.


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