Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Adarsh Kumar

Jungle Law

In recent times, forest staff are increasingly facing hostile elements, poachers and lawbreakers, who are committing forest offences with impunity. Officers and staff are being brutally assaulted while performing their duties. The Supreme Court has now stepped in.

Doctor, Heal Thyself?

In the face of repeated assaults by emotional relatives of patients, are healthcare professionals left to fend for themselves? Despite safeguards by the government, this issue is here to stay.

Freedom to Marry

The Madhya Pradesh High Court, in an interim order granting relief to interfaith couples entering into wedlock, has held as “unconstitutional” a provision in the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act that requires an individual to give a declaration to the district magistrate before undertaking religious conversion.

The Pet Problem

Amid a spate of incidents of attacks on humans by pet dogs, Noida and Gurugram have introduced policies to curb the menace, including banning of certain breeds and hefty fines on pet owners.

Question of Consent

The Telangana government is the latest state to withdraw general consent given to the Central Bureau of Investigation to allow the agency to probe cases. This follows a pattern in several non-BJP ruled states.  

New Roots

In a fresh move, land-strapped DDA has urged compensatory afforestation on degraded land in neighbouring states. But this is easier said than done as MP has already said this would not be possible.

Medical Intervention

On September 30, the Min...

Bigamy and Orphans

The Allahabad High Court has observed that in view of the mandate in the Quran, it is clear that bigamy is not sanctified unless a man can take care of his wife and children. The verdict can open another Pandora’s box in interpreting Muslim personal laws.

Courts and Life Support

In earlier hearings, the Delhi High Court had directed the Delhi government, Railways and Delhi Metro regarding steps taken to establish centres offering basic cardiac life support systems. Now, it wants advanced cardiac life support available at Delhi courts

India’s New Nutriti...

The centre has released a draft notification making it mandatory for packaged foods to carry a star graphic showing the amount of nutrients in them

News Update

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