No relief to Kanhaiya till February 29

The Delhi High Court again adjourned the bail plea of JNU Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar to February 29. The Delhi Police had sought further remand in view of surrender by Umar Khalid. Meanwhile, the court premises had a tough security cover like yesterday for the hearing of Kanhaiya’s bail application. Cops were using special handicams to record movement of people outside the court room, and no outsiders were allowed inside the room. The court itself was heavily barricaded, and barricades were also places between two court rooms to prevent any untoward incident. The Story So far.. As the Kanhaiya Kumar controversy refuses to die down, the Delhi High Court was turned into a fortress since his bail plea was to be heard by the chief bench, which adjourned the matter till Wednesday. During the arguments, senior advocate Prashant Bhushan mentioned about a purported sting video that was being aired on some news channels where lawyers were bragging about beating Kanhaiya that he “wet his pants”. Bhushan again submitted that three lawyers were boasting about beating the JNU Students’ Union president in custody. A report has been submitted by Human Rights Commission also. Bhushan further said that he has not seen any case “so brutal”. The single judge bench of Justice Pratibha Rani asked him to file a petition before Supreme Court on the matter so that they can take action. Heavy security was deployed outside its premises since the case was to be heard at 10.30 am today. The court barred everyone except concerned lawyers from entering the premises till the proceedings finished. The Delhi Police also used special cameras to record all persons present outside the court room. The room was sealed once the hearing started, and barricades were also places between other court