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anti-conversion laws

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind chall...

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The Conversion Conundrum

The apex court in a recent hearing observed that religion is the choice of a person and he has freedom of religion, but conversions by allurement, by offering food grains and medicines, was wrong.

Anti-Conversion Laws and ...

Religion is a belief system that integrates culture, teachings, practices, personal experiences, and artistic expressions which relate people to what they perceive to be transcendent. Religion has two facets which divides the world on the one hand and unites the globe in it’s own ways on the other.

Anti-Conversion laws: Fut...

The world has seen wars over religious freedom. But India seems to be regressing with the implementation of various “anti-conversion” bills as it carries out the agenda of the government in power.

Love jihad: Two petitions...

The petitioner has submitted that the true danger with this new so-called "love jihad" law lies not in its explicit textual basis, which seems fairly innocuous prima facie. Instead, its threat lies in its ambiguity

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