Monday, April 22, 2024


Ashit Srivastava

Controlling the AI parado...

The recently-enacted European Union Artificial Intelligence Act is a forerunner even as nations struggle to find laws to curb or restrict the misuse and negative impact of artificial intelligence. The Act is a welcome step towards a global AI regulation regime

Davids Take on Goliath

The tech giant has been on a war path with Indian app developers over non-compliance with its billing policies. But the developers allege that the pact with Google violated the Competition Act of 2002

Protecting Personal Data

India passed its first o...

Legal Loopholes

The manipulation of various videos of celebs using deepfake technology has grabbed the nation’s attention. Despite legal safeguards, the identification of synthetic media remains a major challenge

Tussle for Territory

There are differences between the IT ministry and DoT over inclusion of internet-based communication services in the new Bill. While telecom companies need a license to offer services, OTTs don’t

A Missed Opportunity

The Bill, passed in the Lok Sabha, has many pros and cons. While it will be a stepping stone towards an Atmanirbhar Bharat, it will severely dent the digital personality hood of an individual

The Facts of the Matter

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had suggested that news that has been deemed “fake” by the PIB’s fact-checking team will not be permitted on online intermediaries. The reference to PIB was later dropped. Social media companies have submitted a proposal to the centre to establish the Misinformation Combat Alliance—a network of fact-checkers that will verify misleading content on their platforms

Netting Fraudsters

The government is using artificial intelligence and facial recognition to detect individuals with more than nine SIMs and who are indulging in cybercrimes.

Murders Most Foul

After Rajasthan, Delhi is taking steps to protect lawyers from heinous crimes. Atrocities against them have risen, instilling fear and violating their right to life and to practice any profession with freedom.

Clash over Content

The new amendments to the Information Technology Act are paradoxical. While the industry is pushing for a self-regulatory body, the government actively chose to be a part of the content moderation of social media platforms.

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