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Foreign medical graduates...

The bench comprising Justice L. Nageswara Rao and Justice Aniruddha Bose issued notice but also remarked, “We are not sure if we can grant relief to those who haven’t cleared exam. The other categories where they’ve cleared we can issue notice.”

Delhi HC issues notice in...

Later the petitioner was informed that the “Old Parivar Mediclaim Policy” had been abolished since 12.08.2020 and all the “Parivar” clients have been migrated to other policies.

Covid underlines importan...

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world severely. The current outbreak is the biggest challenge the world has seen since World War II. We hope that in these tough times you and your loved ones are staying fit and healthy.

Covid: US govt, MNCs get ...

The Prime Minister's Office is said to be keen to coordinate all efforts while the US wants to engage various institutions across the country, as it believes aid will be stuck in Delhi and not get to the states soon enough.

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