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America’s Culture War

The current debt-ceiling issue is a phony crisis with a hostage scenario in a massive culture war. The right-wing dream is to replace a pluralistic democracy with an authoritarian government favouring a strong Christian nationalist perspective on all issues.

Defence of Democracy

In the global struggle between autocracy and democracy as a governing philosophy, the US mid-term elections ended badly for those expecting to reinstate Donald Trump as the president in 2024. The blame for the stunning Republican setback rests on multiple issues.

Down to the Wire

As the US mid-term polls are underway, many Americans (mostly Republicans) are worried that the outcome might be determined by election fraud. This has been a non-stop grievance from former president Donald Trump despite lacking evidence to support his loss in 2020 to President Joe Biden. Perhaps the most important issue this year is what a very conservative US Supreme Court will mean for multiple issues

America’s Culture War

About 50 of the more than 720 people charged in the Capitol invasion and destruction have been found guilty, although punishments have tended to be lenient despite the deaths and millions of dollars in damages. Lawyers are finding plenty of work on all sides of this conflict.

Going for Broke

By Kenneth Tiven in Wash...

US politics: Trump threat...

By Kenneth Tiven To u...

Governor Gavin Newsom win...

Republican efforts to snatch the governorship of California with a recall election have failed. The idea was hatched by angry Trump supporters in a state where US President Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the presidential race last year by 30 points.

Donald Trump’s Impeachmen...

Though the Democrats have now captured the commanding heights in the House of Representatives and a majority of the Senate in the US, they still require support from Republican senators to impeach Donald Trump

Melania Trump lashes out ...

Although the second night of the Republican National Convention was calmer, less petulant repeat of the attack on the media, Democrats, and what Republicans desperately label as leftist radicals, Melania Trump’s speech stood out for several reasons

“While I’ll be a Democrat...

On the final night of the national convention of Democrats, presidential nominee Joe Biden presented a strong, coherent and warm message of empathy and leadership in accepting the opportunity to challenge Donald Trump for leadership of the United States

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