Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Donald Trump

Back to the Ballot

The US Supreme Court’s calendar for the new term includes several issues with intensely political implications. The American by-election is underway, with early voting already starting in some states. Doubtless, the claims of a stolen election have already been prepared by lawyers, needing only the actual vote count to make a court filing possible.

Trump’s stolen elec...

The 9th and final public hearing of the US Congressional committee probing the Jan 6, 2020 insurrection at the nation’s capitol produced compelling information about the culpability of former president Donald Trump. 

Trump’s Legal Quagm...

Lawyers for the former US president in a court filing recently admitted that it is possible that he broke the Presidential Records Act, taking home classified documents. Would Donald Trump face full accountability after leaving office?

Trump’s Legal Burde...

Moderation and truthfulness are two behaviours rarely associated with Donald Trump, attitudes at the root of multiple lawsuits he faces. Ignoring or fighting lawsuits has been his hallmark for nearly five decades, yet it didn’t stop voters from electing him.

FBI raids Trump home for ...

The FBI raid has been necessitated after US Archives officials found documents from the last days of the Trump presidency missing from what they retrieved. The US President's documents cannot be destroyed and have to be preserved for later.

The Undermining of Americ...

In a televised 8-part political reality series, the House Investigating Committee concludes that former President Donald Trump committed a seditious crime by forming a coup against the US Constitution at the Capitol to prevent him leaving office despite losing an election.

Blackening the White Hous...

America and the world watched an explosive insider’s account of the madness of the former US president planning and failing in his coup effort on January 6, 2021, that he expected would keep him in the Oval Office

The Plot to Kill Democrac...

While campaigning in 2016, Donald Trump had told a rally in Iowa: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Trump’s comments came amid several highly publicized mass shootings. Mass shootings and gun violence are an American addiction and still continue.

‘Donald Trump organ...

By Kenneth Tiven Dona...

Tale of Two Women

Virginia Thomas, whose husband is Justice Clarence Thomas, was revealed to have played a role as a right wing organizer supporting Donald Trump’s fraudulent efforts to stay in office despite losing the 2020 presidential election. Is this consistent with the behaviour expected of a Supreme Court judge’s spouse?

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