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Nirmala’s Budget: Caveats...

In this issue of India Legal (February 15, 2021), our columnist Shivanand Pandit takes a close look at the Budget and what it proposes to do. It is not a wishy washy document. The Modi government has tried to put an honest-to-goodness growth plan in place by announcing “a bold and new-age Budget”

New Year, Richer Fare

By Inderjit Badhwar O...

Judges’ Transfers: Anachr...

Justice Kamaljit Singh Garewal, one of the most eminent and illustrious retired jurists of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, elaborates on a subject most members of the judicial community talk about but rarely commit to writing and analysing

Why the News Is Not the T...

India Legal thought it better to write a sober, insightful and scrupulously researched account reflecting our commitment to responsible journalism rather than competing with the bafflegab assaulting our sense and sensibilities from every possible news outlet

Not A Placebo

The National Digital Health Mission is also of great consumer interest especially as the nation weathers the Covid hurricane and patients pile up in front of hospital admission counters.

Through The Covid Looking...

I write this on the eve of India’s 74th Independence Day. In researching it, I chanced upon an essay I wrote on the occasion of the nation’s 68th anniversary (Republic Day). In it, I reproduced what I considered to be some of the most stirring phrases of some leaders


We’ve seen popularly elected state governments come and go through the device popularly known in India as “horse-trading”

Policing the Police State...

Wrongful prosecution by the police, prison sentences by judges in a hurry or under duress from Executive bullying, incarceration without bail and pending trial are some of the horrors that continue to plague the overburdened and undernourished legal system in India


By Inderjit Badhwar I...


In this week’s edition, we present another thought-provoking piece by Retired Justice Kamaljit Singh Garewal who expertly dissects what the role of a prosecutor should be in the dispensation of justice.

News Update

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