Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Joe Biden

Trump Versus Haley

Donald Trump is the first Republican presidential candidate who was not a White House incumbent to carry the nation’s first two contests. His winning margin of 11% in moderate New Hampshire demonstrated his iron-clad control of the party’s hard-right base

The Delhi-Ottawa Rift

The acrimonious dispute between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the killing of a prominent Khalistani supporter in Canada has turned into an international crisis. Is there a way out of the diplomatic impasse?

Ramaswamy rocks the boat

As the US campaign express entered its final year ahead of the presidential election in November 2024, voters are offered a first generation American of Indian origin whose energized performance befits a high-tech entrepreneur who claims he has all the answers despite lacking political experience

Who is Asia’s Real Hegemo...

While a fleeting meeting between PM Modi and President Jinping has led to some hope of a thaw, the fact is that China considers India as its long-term strategic competitor and will keep the cauldron boiling always

Hunting for Answers

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, walked into a federal court in Delaware last week expecting to accept a guilty plea-bargain over a gun possession charge and failure to pay proper income tax on earnings. As long as ex-president Donald Trump remains under indictments in multiple state and federal cases, there will be pressure on Hunter Biden.

The Trials of Trump

The former US President sat quietly at the defense table in a Miami federal courtroom as his lawyer entered his plea of not guilty to the indictment charging Trump with 37 counts of violating the US Espionage Act. Trump is the first US leader ever to be arraigned on felony charges. Has he finally run out of escapes after a lifetime of breaking the rules and flaunting the law?

The Art of the Deal

Political Kabuki theatre over the issue transfixed America and the world for several months ending just 48 hours short of default in a victory for common sense. President Joe Biden’s approach was a textbook case of negotiating skill—praise your opponent and keep talking, give up a little to win while letting the other team believe they won something of value

America’s Culture War

The current debt-ceiling issue is a phony crisis with a hostage scenario in a massive culture war. The right-wing dream is to replace a pluralistic democracy with an authoritarian government favouring a strong Christian nationalist perspective on all issues.

A Year of War: Where is i...

On February 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine. It was planned as a lightning strike which would subsume the smaller neighbour in two weeks. That did not happen and a year on, what lies ahead? More bloodshed, a peace deal or a ceasefire?

America’s angst

From messy, divisive politics to a series of mass shootings, and now black officers brutally beating another black man to death as seen in bodycam videos, America’s domestic convulsions are cause for serious introspection.

News Update

New criminal laws replaci...

Justice Shiva Kirti Singh...

Justice Kurian Joseph say...

An Island Of Despair

Supreme Court grants spec...

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