Monday, March 4, 2024


Justice Kamaljit Singh Garewal

Vive La France

While it is necessary to acknowledge the influence of English and European thought in India, let us not forget the French ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity, introduced in the Preamble of our Constitution

Pick and Choose

Even as the apex court has warned the centre against arbitrary transfers of judges, the fact is that transfers impinge on judicial federalism and separation of powers and violate basic features doctrine

New Pathways of Justice

At first glance, the Bills have simply juggled British-era provisions and changed the nomenclature. But will the flaws in the system be addressed and procedures improved for quick punishment of the accused?

Respect Romance

In a progressive judgment, the MP High Court took a humanistic approach and quashed the FIR against an accused who was in a romantic relationship with a minor girl, thereby saving both from ignominy

Supreme And Complete Just...

The Supreme Court in a path-breaking judgment did “complete justice” by expanding its jurisdiction to grant divorce on mutual consent or by declaring irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Prosecution Resembling Pe...

While Rahul’s sentence is under Section 500 IPC and disqualification under the Representation of the People Act, is the trial judge guilty of serious misconduct for awarding maximum sentence?

Fulfilling Corbusier̵...

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court has prohibited division of residential units in Phase I of Corbusier’s garden city in order to save it from bureaucratic shortsightedness, deviations and defiance.

The Indian Ethic

Justice Surya Kant recently brought focus on the Arthashastra, which must be studied by those in public life. But its guidance cannot help much in governance if we lack ethics as often seen nowadays.

The Long and Lonely Road

The president has urged that the increasing number of undertrials be tackled. The solution lies in a criminal justice  monitoring board to track the progress of criminal cases and sticking to CrPC timelines.

Independent Not Subordina...

The chief justice said there is a need to change the mindset towards the district judiciary and to treat them with respect. Under his stewardship, this judiciary will blossom and grow and become bold and independent.

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