Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Justice Kamaljit Singh Garewal

Tanishq ad controversy: A...

Declaring India to be “secular” in the Preamble has often had the opposite effect as can be seen from the rude and insensitive behaviour towards the elegant Tanishq ad and has added to growing intolerance.

Air pollution: Stubble bu...

As the time for stubble ...

Farm Bills: Save the farm...

WHO is a farmer? It is such an omnibus term that without an exact definition the farmer can neither be benefitted nor saved. There are reasons why the farmer needs help. The farm sector is the backbone of the Indian economy.

How Gurdaspur Was Saved F...

Under the Indian Independence Act, this strategic district, which included Hindu majority Pathankot, was provisionally included in Pakistan. Though it was later awarded to India, it has never been away from the neighbour’s gaze.

Searching for Roots

As a grand Ram Temple comes up at Ayodhya, it is a moot question whether a challenge to any religious practice or injunction can or should be judicially adjudicated.

Game Over & Road Com...

History has recorded nations carrying out their expansionist agendas with different outcomes. The face-off in Ladakh has shown China’s bid to annex Indian territory in open defiance of world opinion.

A Policy for Justice

The need of the hour is to have a juridical yearbook with statistical data, details of courts, cases filed and timelines. This will help improve the quality of the justice delivery system and reduce costs

Rebuild the Steel Frame

The civil service has become a body where public accountability has been shunned. The time has come to drop the doctrine of pleasure from the Constitution and have a doctrine of hard work and honesty for them


In this week’s edition, we present another thought-provoking piece by Retired Justice Kamaljit Singh Garewal who expertly dissects what the role of a prosecutor should be in the dispensation of justice.

The Buck Stops Here

Even as an All India Judicial Service is in the works, it’s time to strengthen law enforcement by an All India Prosecution Service which is independent, impartial and accountable like in other countries

News Update

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