Friday, January 27, 2023
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Kenneth Tiven

Two Judges from India

Two American lawyers of non-resident Indian origin succeeded in recent judicial elections in Houston, Texas. Both have their roots in Kerala. Americans of Indian origin are about 1% of the 330 million people in USA and have demonstrated accomplishments in business, government, medicine, academics, and now law.

Donald Trump faces crimin...

By Kenneth Tiven in Wash...

Taxing times

Donald Trump has become the first American president to have his conduct in office sent to the Justice Department to consider for criminal prosecution. While all four referrals are severe, the most encompassing one is “assisting or engaging in insurrection against the United States”.

Losing Ground

The former US president’s reputation has been dented severely after he found himself at the losing end of multiple events, including on the political and judicial fronts.

Defence of Democracy

In the global struggle between autocracy and democracy as a governing philosophy, the US mid-term elections ended badly for those expecting to reinstate Donald Trump as the president in 2024. The blame for the stunning Republican setback rests on multiple issues.

The Twitter Tangle

Of the thousands of workers laid-off by Elon Musk, about 70% are thought to be Indians on H-1B immigration to work visas. Under the current and complicated regulations in the US, someone working here on an H-1B visa has 60 days to find another H-1B position or must leave the US. Dealing with US immigration is neither quick nor easy.

Down to the Wire

As the US mid-term polls are underway, many Americans (mostly Republicans) are worried that the outcome might be determined by election fraud. This has been a non-stop grievance from former president Donald Trump despite lacking evidence to support his loss in 2020 to President Joe Biden. Perhaps the most important issue this year is what a very conservative US Supreme Court will mean for multiple issues

Back to the Ballot

The US Supreme Court’s calendar for the new term includes several issues with intensely political implications. The American by-election is underway, with early voting already starting in some states. Doubtless, the claims of a stolen election have already been prepared by lawyers, needing only the actual vote count to make a court filing possible.

Trump’s Legal Quagm...

Lawyers for the former US president in a court filing recently admitted that it is possible that he broke the Presidential Records Act, taking home classified documents. Would Donald Trump face full accountability after leaving office?

Trump’s Legal Burde...

Moderation and truthfulness are two behaviours rarely associated with Donald Trump, attitudes at the root of multiple lawsuits he faces. Ignoring or fighting lawsuits has been his hallmark for nearly five decades, yet it didn’t stop voters from electing him.

News Update

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Video:Patna HC orders sto...

Former Supreme Court Judg...

Kerala High Court quashes...

An Equal Claimant

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