Thursday, May 30, 2024


Krishna Murari

The Freebie Farce

Supreme court suggested that an expert body, comprising representatives of the NITI Aayog, Finance Commission, RBI, political parties and other stakeholders, should examine the pros and cons of freebies, while acknowledging that it is a serious issue. 

Supreme Court issues noti...

The Supreme Court issued...

Supreme Court moved seeki...

The matter will come up on Friday before the bench of Justices Navin Sinha and Krishna Murari.

Shaheen Bagh protest: Sup...

The apex court has disapproved of the way in which the Shaheen Bagh protests took place and ruled that such agitations must be in designated areas alone and public spaces cannot be occupied indefinitely.

Angst over Exams

As a debate raged over conducting the exams during the pandemic, it reached the apex court which said that if they were postponed, the careers of students would be at peril. Finally, JEE Main was held on September 1

Adulterated Justice?

The harrowing story of Prem Chand, a Sonipat shopkeeper who was acquitted 38 years after being accused of selling contaminated turmeric, is a classic case of due diligence and lawful action not being performed

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