Delhi High Court assures police protection for expelled AIADMK MP

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Delhi High Court on May 5 ensured police protection for the expelled AIADMK MP, Sasikala Pushpa, who had filed a petition asking for protection, claiming that she was receiving death threats. Sasikala said that she had been receiving the death threats because she had not resigned from the Rajya Sabha even after being expelled from the party. In the last hearing, the court had directed that a status report be submitted after assessing the threat perception. The petitioner claimed that the police was not cooperating and said that they (the police) “haven’t even seen my phone” where the threatening messages have supposedly come. Justice Ashutosh Kumar tried to pacify the MP by saying: “Please understand the limitation of Article 226 (Power of High Courts to issue certain writs).” The petitioner said: “I heard the message (voice)… it clearly says I should have killed you. I could not because you were not home.” The bench clarified that the petitioner understood Tamil, which was the language of the message. The petitioner said: “My lords, they have vandalised my car, hurt my husband and are even threatening to kill me.” When the judge told the police (Commissioner of Police, Delhi was the respondent) “you will have to provide her with protection,” the respondent said: “My lords, she is not cooperating. She left the house without informing us.” The bench clarified: “Henceforth she will cooperate.”

—India Legal Bureau