Friday, August 12, 2022
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Prof Upendra Baxi

Vexatious Litigation: A R...

By Prof Upendra Baxi ...

May Parliament Act as a C...

The apex court and the Gujarat High Court have stressed that federalism is an integral aspect of the BSEF doctrine and thereby saved it from the excesses of the amending power.

Long Live Human Rights Le...

The founding president of People’s Decade for Human Rights Education, Shulamith Koenig, believed that only a rights framework can encourage disciplined and socially responsible development through investment and trade

A Crusade on Lawlessness?...

The apex court has stated that India cannot have one legal system for the rich and one for small men. Even though a large number of Indians is in preventive detention, the judiciary seems powerless to change the overall structures of power.

A Sudden Flood of Mutiny?...

Orders of the apex court are often flouted and some 1,000 cases have been filed under Section 67A of the IT Act, which was declared illegal. The Court has asked the centre to explain this brazen disregard.

The World and the Word

A recent SCOTUS decision about the “ordinary meaning” of words in the statute makes for strange reading. The Indian SC too has resorted to such rules of “ordinary meaning”, but the judicial recourse in both societies is rather puzzling, if not extraordinary.

The Wheels of Justice Gri...

The conviction of the “butcher of Srebrenica”, Ratko Mladić, should be hailed as it conveys the message that genocide perpetrators will be held liable and morally responsible for their acts and omissions.

Limits to Executive Rule-...

In the case of facilitating British citizenship to children born of legal migrants who were law-aiding British citizens, it should be seen that their core human rights are not violated and justice is dispensed.

“Hooks”, “Pillars” and “F...

The Kenya High Court extending the basic structure doctrine is people-centred rather than State-friendly. It prescribes a constitutional disciple and responsibility on the executive and legislature, even in a system providing referendum for ultimate constitutional change

Adieu, Soli!

I shared a warm and cordial friendship with this votary for human rights and multi-faceted personality. He not only protected the freedom to dissent but practised remarkable hospitality to public criticism.

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A Suitable Judge

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