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Friend Indeed

By deferring repayment of the $50 m treasury bill of Maldives for one more year, India has shown that it’s a friend, not a master of its neighbour. But as China is involved, it needs to draw red lines for the future

The Iran Factor

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Iran represents a complex and multifaceted challenge with far-reaching implications. The resolution of this crisis will require careful diplomacy, strategic decision-making and a concerted effort to address underlying grievances and promote regional peace and stability in the region

Cautious Optimism

India’s talks with Afghanistan pose both challenges and opportunities. As China’s influence grows and the Taliban seeks to establish its presence in Delhi, India must navigate these complexities with élan

The Canada Standoff

No one has been arrested so far for Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s murder and police investigations are still going on. So, what prompted Trudeau to escalate the issue and accuse India of his killing based on “credible information” on the floor of parliament? And follow it up with the expulsion of an Indian diplomat?

Crystal gazing India-Chin...

2022 closed with a fresh setback to the fractured relations between India and China after Indian troops threw out 300 strong Chinese troops who had crossed the Line of Actual Control at Yang Tze in Tawang Sector of Arunachal Pradesh on December 9. How will the relations between the two Asian giants be in 2023?

The China-Lanka Conundrum...

There was much consternation in India over the Chinese spy ship docking in Sri Lanka. India expressed its security concerns over berthing the ship at the Hambantota port. The truth is that symbolism triumphed over substance

Video: SC grants bail to ...

In hearing on loan moratorium issue Supreme Court asks banks why the cashback was provided to credit card holders, the centre says, help is limited due to cash crunch, many relief packages being worked out Bombay High Court directs Maharashtra government to shift undertrial Varavara Rao from jail.....

Media Watch

Lost Voices One of the...

Election to RS: Union min...

External Affairs Minister...

News Update

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