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Safai Karamcharis

The Non-Humans

The Supreme Court recently directed the centre and all state governments to ensure complete eradication of the practice of manual scavenging while dealing with deaths occurring in sewers. The Court held that it was the centuries-old stigmatising social practices that led to the deprivation of scavengers to such levels that they were not even recognised as human beings. Regrettably, manual scavenging still persists despite many legislations

Orissa HC takes suo motu ...

The court underscored that Article 17 was written into the Indian Constitution with the hope that the practice of untouchability in general and manual scavenging, in particular, would not continue in a free and independent India.

Delhi HC says workmen sho...

While making a decision, the High Court relied on the Judgement of the Supreme Court that laid that tribunals created pursuant to Article 323-A or Under 323-B are competent to hear matters entrusted to them.

Safai karamcharis not ent...

Delhi High Court on Friday has issued a notice on a plea filed by East Delhi Municipal Corporation against its Safai Karamcharis.

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