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Saju Jakob

A Different God

Yet another panel has been appointed to consider granting SC status to these Dalits. Their right to practice another religion should not disqualify them from receiving the same equality as their neighbours

Double Whammy

An Iowa court judgment ordering a teen victim of rape to pay $1,50,000 to her rapist’s family has brought into focus restitution law, which activists call harsh. In India, courts have often sided with the victim

A Life of Dignity

In a landmark judgment, the Court recognised that voluntary sex work is not an offence and prohibits police officials from arresting these workers, but allows them to arrest the brothel owner

Defending the Judiciary

led to a lot of harsh criticism of the judicial system and judges in recent years. Social media provides all individuals with a platform for expressing their views to the world, and objective truth as a virtue is increasingly losing its value in such a marketplace.

Contest: Essay writing co...

The law offices of Lily Thomas and Saju Jakob are again organising an essay writing competition this year on the topic: “Ambit and scope of accountability/liability of a public officer, in India, in the event of failure to perform public duties or to protect the Fundamental Rights while discharging public duties”.

Covid vaccines: The winni...

Provisions in the Act can be used to provide for compulsory licensing. This will allow the centre, without the permission of the patentee, to use a vaccine for a national emergency at affordable prices.

IP waiver for Covid vacci...

By Saju Jakob Extraor...

Why Gandhi Never Won the ...

Despite being the father of non-violence and peace, the Mahatma missed getting the prestigious prize five times though he was nominated for it. Shockingly, those far less worthy were awarded.

Women’s property ri...

The Court has given progressive judgments on women’s property rights. While some ensured equal rights to daughters even when the father had died, others saw to it that married women were not left in the lurch due to desertion.

A Recipe for Perpetual De...

Even as the RBI allowed ...

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