Monday, June 17, 2024


Satya Muley

The Kejriwal Conundrum

Can Arvind Kejriwal continue to act as chief minister while sitting in jail? He has not even applied for a bail at an appropriate court, but is only challenging the grounds of his arrest. What is the legal process involved?

The Unwritten Code

If secularism is part of the basic structure of Indian constitution and our democracy, then the question arises why has the enactment and implementation of the Uniform Civil Code taken a back seat till now? If secularism is to be acceptable by all, so should be the Uniform Civil Code.

Viral Load

While social media has had a positive impact on the legal system and made dissemination of information to clients easier, issues of confidentiality and privacy too have to be tackled

Gender Neutral Laws

Though the centre formed a panel in 2020 to review laws related to sexual offenses, rape laws continue to see women as victims. This denies legal protection to men and other genders who are victims too.

Defection Defects

The phrase “Aaya Ram Gayaa Ram” became popular after MLA Gaya Lal in Haryana switched political parties thrice in 24 hours. This marked the beginning of deliberations around implementing a law that prevented such migrations.

News Update

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