Thursday, May 19, 2022
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social distancing

Madras High Court okays ...

The committee has also asked all the Principal District Judges, Principal Judge (City Civil Court, Chennai), Chief Judge (Court of Small Causes, Chennai), Chief Judge (Puducherry) to submit their suggestions in relation to the functioning of the lower courts by December 23.

Allahabad HC appeals to p...

The Allahabad High Court has appealed to the public to wear masks and follow the rules of social distancing to avoid corona infection.

District Court issues SOP...

District Courts in Delhi have issued the SOP and the Duty Roster for physical hearing starting from Sep 1.

August 24, 2020

Lead visual by Amitava S...

White House Down

A Supreme Court ruling on his financial dealings shows the president is not above the law while a slew of other setbacks puts a serious dent in his bid for re-election.

A Supreme Benchmark

The novel coronavirus has had a significant impact on the legal fraternity in India. Following the imposition of the 21-day lockdown in March, the key consideration was how to make the judicial system more effective during this time and ensure timely delivery of justice.

Corona Dharma

Various codes of conduct prescribed in the context of SARS-CoV-2 remind one of Manusmriti, which lays down the rules for the sacraments, the study of the Vedas and other rites

Locally Vocal

Each time the Prime Minister is scheduled to deliver a speech on television, I can sense the panic on social media. Ever since he announced demonetisation, every speech evokes a sense of panic and emojis of people with their hair standing on end has become fairly common.

Rules of Engagement

As is the case with any ...

Karnataka HC Asks State G...

The Karnataka High Court...

News Update

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