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Twitter ‘good bots’ may t...

Twitter bots are the autonomous programs that can interact with users like an individual account. Usually, bots have negative connotation because the manner in which most of them operate, like a spam account sending messages that are unwelcomed or spreading fake news.

Purging Social Media

Even as we have witnessed a pandemic of epic proportions, there is what is called as an infodemic. And human civilisation faces a major threat from it.

Defending the Judiciary

led to a lot of harsh criticism of the judicial system and judges in recent years. Social media provides all individuals with a platform for expressing their views to the world, and objective truth as a virtue is increasingly losing its value in such a marketplace.

Attacks on the Judiciary:...

Chief Justice NV Ramana’s concern over attacks on the judiciary has led to questions about judges’ relationship with social media and the legal framework to rein in malicious users.

Complexities of Privacy

The Bill is a great move in the right direction, but just merely passing it may not ameliorate all the pains of the data principal in several instances, specifically related to social media.

The WhatsApp Imbroglio

Defending the validity o...

Tripura communal violence...

The Tripura High Court o...

Allahabad High Court gran...

The Allahabad High Court has granted anticipatory bail to a Mozambique national, who allegedly performed nikah with an Indian woman through social media and later disowned her.

Meghalaya HC directs govt...

The Meghalaya High Court division bench heard a Suo Motu Public Interest Litigation (PIL) concerning orders issued by the State Government making vaccination mandatory for shopkeepers, vendors, local taxi drivers etc. before they can resume their businesses.

Supreme Court dismisses P...

Advocate Yadav had appeared in-person seeking the indulgence of the Supreme Court to intervene in the illegal arrest of labour contractors for their speech and expression by way of pamphlets affixed on the wall which spread over social media.

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