Under-trial shot at by minor outside Tis Hazari court

In what can be called a gang rivalry right in court, an accused was shot by a minor on Tuesday (May 29) afternoon while the accused was being produced at the Tis Hazari Court in Delhi for hearing.

Reports say that the under-trial, Dinesh, was being escorted off a bus to be produced before the court at the court’s Gate No. 2 when a 15-year-old opened fire. The under-trial is accused of murdering a woman.

Police accompanying the under-trial immediately rushed and captured the minor and law and order in the vicinity was brought under control, while the under-trial was rushed to the hospital.

Dinesh, said to be sharpshooter for hire, was brought to court from Rohtak. He belongs to a gang called Gogi, say reports. This is a gang which has had constant fights over territory with another gang, called Teelu. This could be an outcome of the rivalry, police says.

- India Legal Bureau