Tuesday, April 16, 2024


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Supreme Court sets up exp...

The Supreme Court has se...

Setting the boundaries

Protests have erupted across Kerala after the state government made public a satellite survey report on areas that are to fall within the proposed buffer zone around 22 wildlife sanctuaries and parks in line with the Supreme Court directions. The protests are against what they say is the government’s “hasty” satellite survey of forest areas.

Furore in Forests

A June 3 apex court order that all protected forest tracts and wildlife sanctuaries should have eco-sensitive zones of one kilometre from their boundaries has led to protests in Kerala. It is now thinking of bypassing the order

Concept Of ‘Zoo’s And Cir...

A student from Mumbai has written to the Chief Justice of India requesting a ban on animals being kept in Zoo and Circus, suggesting that they be released in Jungles, wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks to enable them to live in their natural habitat.

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