Sunday, November 29, 2020
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US Elections 2020

Joe Biden’s Cabinet: What lies ahead for the world and India

The eyes of the world are on the President-elect and the new team he has assembled to help him restore America’s global standing, badly undermined by Donald Trump. What lies ahead, judging by the names on his A Team, for India and a new world order?

Laying landmines: Trump makes political appointments to trap Biden later

Opposition to a peaceful presidential transition between the Donald Trump Administration and the incoming Joseph Biden Administration in Washington has shifted to what some observers are calling outright destruction of the American federal government.

US elections: Power games from the Senate chair

Republicans have already signalled that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thinks he will wield veto power over Biden’s Cabinet nominees. McConnell has done more than any human being in recent history to destroy Senate bipartisanship entirely, transforming American politics into a naked war for power.

Died to Vote: Fierce Voter Wars & the Presidential Poll

The election marks the resurgence of the American dream. But President Trump alleging “systematic” voter fraud even after the results were out is a constitutional disgrace. One hopes no further unbecoming conduct will mark the smooth transition of democratic power.

Biden-Harris victory: Return to reason

US President elect Joe Biden’s nearly 50 years in public life and a well-formed philosophy on democracy suggest that the two largest democracies in the world are likely to find a comfortable relationship, but not without some disagreements.

US Electoral College system: Antiquated and unnecessary

Having an Electoral College inspires little confidence as it is the voters who cast vote for the candidate and the winner takes all the votes assigned to a state. Candidates also give preference to swing states, often compromising governance.

Fire and Brimstone

By Kenneth Tiven in the ...

Joe Biden says it’s time to heal America after winning the cliffhanger

An amazing day in America as the cliffhanger presidential election ended with Democrat Joe Biden and running mate Senator Kamala Harris winning the highest political offices in the USA.

US presidential election: Joe Biden beats Trump, becomes oldest president in US history

The Associated Press of United State, CNN and NBC confirmed the victory after Biden overtook incumbent Donald Trump in the state of Pennsylvania. Later, Trump allegedly had accused that the Democrats were trying to steal the election and claiming victory before the race was called

News Update

Taking Back The America We Knew

By Inderjit Badhwar P...

Abetment to suicide: A slippery section of the law

A recent case in Haryana...

Corona pandemic: Patna High Court wants detailed action taken report from govt

New Delhi (ILNS): The Patna High Court has directed the state government to file a detailed report on the action being taken to control the Corona Pandemic in the state. The report has to reach the court by December 8.
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