Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Where to Buy Ethereum: Best Exchanges and Step-by-step Guidelines

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Are you interested in Ether, but do not know which service to choose for trading? Or are you just considering this investment opportunity but have certain doubts? In any case, our guide will be a valuable source of information for you. We will mention the major pros and cons of this coin and prompt the best online exchange.

As you know, now is the period of exponential growth of crypto. Yet, Ethereum (Ether) takes a special position. It is not only the second most expensive coin but also an indispensable component of such technologies as NFTs and smart contracts.

To save your time and effort, let us mention the major benefits and problems associated with this asset so that you can quickly understand whether it is of any interest to you.


  •   decentralization (no control or charges on the part of banks or authorities);
  •   availability of loans that are not limited by a traditional score system;
  •   use for smart contracts;
  •   utilization for NFTs ― unique tokens that represent ownership rights on physical and intellectual properties;
  •   a universal network, which can be adjusted to any crypto trades.


  •   lack of regulation and risk of fraud;
  •   increased volatility, which is characteristic of all cryptos;
  •   uncertain prospects of all coins due to regulation attempts.

So, if you are interested, let us find out where to buy Ethereum at the most advantageous terms. After analyzing the most popular services, we recommend you turn to Coinbase, Binance, Webull, Kraken, or Robinhood. All of these platforms offer proper funds protection and regulation along with highly competitive fees. Still, their terms may differ a bit, so be sure to visit all of them before making the next step.

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Besides, our experts compiled short instructions on how to purchase this coin so that you cope with that without unnecessary complications:

  •   Sign up for an online exchange chosen. We will take Coinbase as an example. To register on it, you will need to type your name and email address and compile a complicated password.
  •   Pass verification. It is a common demand on every legal source. So, you will be required to provide a copy of any ID that includes information about your full name and address.
  •   Choose a payment method. If you live in the USA, you can use debit and credit card transfers, PayPal, Apple Pay, ACH transactions, and wire payments.
  •   Make your first deposit (note that there can be a minimum limit).
  •   Buy an amount needed. Find the button “Trade” on the left and select “ETH”. You can purchase both a whole coin (or coins) and a fraction of your choice.

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To conclude, as of now, Ether looks like crypto with huge prospects due to smart contracts, NFTs, and other innovations supported by the company. Still, after a purchase, stay aware and watch the situation to be on the safe side.

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