India Legal, ENC’s flagship print product is a weekly news magazine which carries high credibility and has a pan-India presence.

It is packed with in-depth reports, exclusives, analyses, breaking stories, thought-inspiring features, views and insights on politico-legal issues. The periodical empowers and enlightens the citizens on several issues that touch their lives. While it offers a unique and in-depth view of the workings of the Indian legal system –judges, courts, lawyers, prison networks and those who make or
break laws – with journalistic rigour and panache, its high production values also ensure that India Legal is by no means
produced exclusively for the legal fraternity.

The magazine covers important political, economic, corporate, and social developments, mostly within the context of legal relevance and parameters. Thus, while it is, by all parameters, a specialist product, it also has a unique universal appeal.

The re-launched India Legal, India’s first and only independent politico-legal magazine, reached over 200,000 readers across states. Our readers include young professionals, housewives, politicians, policy makers, business persons, bureaucrats and, of course, members of the legal establishment.

APN News has leveraged the magazine into a popular, weekly prime-time show with the same name.

India Legal also has a superlative web presence, a site that is visited more often than similar sites of the country. The web
version carries regular court news and commentary, making it a must-see for all legal professionals.

The magazine is edited by experienced, independent, and award winning professionals with international recognition. Credibility, quality, relevance, and high production values are its hallmarks. And these standards are maintained by proficient editors with an
extensive knowledge of the changes in reading habits and information needs of magazine audiences.