Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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The War Within

An analysis of why this sensitive Northeast region has exploded again.

A Crusade on Lawlessness?

The apex court has stated that India cannot have one legal system for the rich and one for small men. Even though a large number of Indians is in preventive detention, the judiciary seems powerless to change the overall structures of power.

An Unhurried View of the Kutchery

The apex court expressed anguish over an additional sessions judge being threatened by the police and an accused and given no protection. This is the appalling condition in district courts and is a colonial hangover.

Monies from Edutech

China has suddenly come down heavily on its domestic $100 billion edutech industry, having decided to stop all online tutoring. This augurs well for India as there could be FDI inflows into the country.

Covid-19 vaccination in the US: The science of stupidity

Almost 100 percent of hospitalised deaths due to the pandemic consists of people who are not vaccinated despite the government making it free and easy for everyone. People are actually risking death to show disbelief in medical science and clinging to policies of the Donald Trump administration.

Vacancy woes in the Supreme Court

The collegium has the extraordinary opportunity of recommending 13 names for judges. But before that, it needs to build consensus and consider deserving candidates to reflect the composite culture of India.


Many things have changed since January 26, 1950, when our Founding Fathers gifted us this Republic. While we have established our government and fundamental laws, we need to examine whether the separation of powers between the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature operates as it should.

Pegasus: A Spy in the Ointment

The fallout from the revelations about the Pegasus spyware allegedly being used to snoop on Indian political leaders continues to create waves around the world. What are the implications for India?

A Sudden Flood of Mutiny?

Orders of the apex court are often flouted and some 1,000 cases have been filed under Section 67A of the IT Act, which was declared illegal. The Court has asked the centre to explain this brazen disregard.

Are Cooperatives the Way Forward for a New India?

Revamping the department of cooperation is a noble objective to strengthen the multi-state cooperative movement but could be open to misuse by politicians.

News Update

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