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“If government policy does not match with the spirit of the Constitution, it is unconstitutional”

As government tries to make fundamental changes in the fabric of the Constitution, the issue of constitutional morality comes into play. Will it be a moderating factor in government’s adventurism? JU...

“Ethics of neutrality must be followed”

With the new mediation law coming in force, JUSTICE ML MEHTA, chairman, Delhi Dispute Resolution Society, is optimistic that in future more international commercial disputes can be settled in India. ...

“Impartial voting, free from violence, is a human right in democracies”

On the 10th Human Rights Day, National Human Rights Commission Chairperson JUSTICE ARUN KUMAR MISHRA highlighted the work done by the statutory body during his tenure. In an exclusive interview with RAJSHRI RAI, editor-in-chief, APN channel, he recounted the action taken by the Commission in critical areas and laid bare the blueprint for further action

“There have been many challenging cases in my tenure”

As the Right To Information Act completes 18 years of its enactment, the focus once again shifts to questions of efficacy, transparency and governmental control. FORMER CHIEF INFORMATION COMMISSIONER YASHVARDHAN KUMAR SINHA, who demitted office this month, spoke to RAJSHRI RAI, editor-in-chief, APN channel, on a wide range of issues during the interaction at the India Legal Research Foundation symposium

“The judiciary is insulated from political pressure”

As Chandrababu Naidu fights it out in the courts, the radar is on the judiciary. Former Chief Justice of India Justice MN Venkatachaliah spoke to Sanjay Raman Sinha on the issue of political pressure on the judiciary. Excerpts:

“I think more politicians should go to court”

In the context of the Chandrababu Naidu case, Prof Upendra Baxi spoke with Sanjay Raman Sinha on judiciary and politically motivated case. Excerpts:

“We are focusing on ADR, specifically mediation, to solve consumer issues”

At a time when the rise of consumerism is oftentimes leading consumers to be shortchanged by companies, the role of consumer courts has increased manifold. Editor-in-Chief of APN channel RAJSHRI RAI spoke to Dr JUSTICE SANGITA DHINGRA SEHGAL, president, Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, on a range of issues related to consumer rights. The interview featured in the ILRF Symposium series hosted under the aegis of India Legal

“File Returns and Pay Taxes Honestly”

With India getting into a new tax regime mode, it is time to take a look again at the tax dispute adjudicating system and the philosophy underlying the new policy. RAJSHRI RAI, editor-in- chief, APN channel, spoke to GS PANNU, president, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, on issues related to direct taxes. The interview featured in the ILRF Symposium series hosted under the aegis of India Legal

“Conciliation is a Win-win Way to Settle Corporate Disputes”

As commercial disputes gain currency and companies feel the stress of non-performing assets(, will a better synthesis of insolvency and arbitral laws make the resolution process more comprehensive? RAJSHRI RAI, editor-in-chief of APN channel, spoke to SANTOSH SHUKLA, executive director, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, and DR SUBIR BIKAS MITRA, advisor (Law), GAIL India Ltd, in this regard

“Today the tribunal deals with a wide ambit of cases”

The Indian Armed Forces Tribunal faces multiple challenges in the modern era, not least being involved in an era of gender parity and the ambit of cases it can officially deal with. At an India Legal Research Foundation event, Editor-in-Chief, APN channel, RAJSHRI RAI spoke with JUSTICE RAJENDRA MENON, the chairperson of Armed Forces Tribunal on a range of issues. Excerpts:

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