Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Call for Compensation

The recent disaster in Uttarakhand has revealed the need for compensation. India lacks a firm policy and methodology in this regard and ensuring the legal rights of the affected people.

PIL, difficult to swallow

In a recent ruling, the Bombay High Court lamented the increasing number of frivolous public interest litigations being filed in courts and echoed the sentiments of the Supreme Court that such litigations are the bane of the judicial system. Is there any way to restrict their misuse?

America’s angst

From messy, divisive politics to a series of mass shootings, and now black officers brutally beating another black man to death as seen in bodycam videos, America’s domestic convulsions are cause for serious introspection.

Bad times for Indians in American tech

When the hi-tech sector in America sheds tens of thousands of jobs, the tsunami of firings is felt globally, especially in India, because so many Indians work abroad in the technology sector. These companies are not on the brink of financial ruin. Quite the contrary, so why shed people?

Upping the Ante

As the centre’s calls for reforms in the system get strident, questions of primacy of the executive over the judiciary have raised concerns. Objections by the executive betray a sense of insecurity.

Algorithms Spew Hate

There has been a spike in hate speeches recently. While laws have been largely ineffective, a new threat is posed by algorithms which drive prejudiced people to extreme bias by offering videos and posts.

Two Judges from India

Two American lawyers of non-resident Indian origin succeeded in recent judicial elections in Houston, Texas. Both have their roots in Kerala. Americans of Indian origin are about 1% of the 330 million people in USA and have demonstrated accomplishments in business, government, medicine, academics, and now law.

Crystal gazing India-China relations

2022 closed with a fresh setback to the fractured relations between India and China after Indian troops threw out 300 strong Chinese troops who had crossed the Line of Actual Control at Yang Tze in Tawang Sector of Arunachal Pradesh on December 9. How will the relations between the two Asian giants be in 2023?

Holiday Blues

The centre said that long vacations in courts lead to pendency. But do overworked judges burdened by the huge number of cases need to recharge their batteries or follow the Rule Book on holidays?

Turf War

The sharp attacks of the government on the judiciary have seen the latter giving as good as it gets. What does this acrimony augur for litigants and constitutional institutions and offices? 

News Update

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