Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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sujit bhar

The great Afghanistan sca...

Here are some sobering bits of information. Afghanistan has now endured two decades of horrifying war and brutality under the Taliban, followed by another two decades of American “occupation”, purportedly to the benefit of the common man, and to help set up a legitimate government. Yet, the country now descends into god knows how many years of complete chaos under the Taliban, again.

Discarded, a tool of gree...

By Sujit Bhar The leg...

Pegasus: A Spy in the Oin...

The fallout from the revelations about the Pegasus spyware allegedly being used to snoop on Indian political leaders continues to create waves around the world. What are the implications for India?

A New Tax Floor

The imposition of a global tax rate of at least 15 percent on multinationals by G20 finance ministers recently is a positive effort to deter tax dodging and end tax havens. But it remains to be seen how the contemplated tax structure will be implemented.

How Green is the Wicket

Betting on teams in the IPL is illegal. But what happens when the franchises become public companies? Will speculating on their shares impact the players or the game? If this speculation, in the stock market, is legitimate, how is betting on the teams not?

A Law for Ecocide

The word has been coined for acts that defy environmental norms. Activists and legal experts have drawn up its definition along with a draft law aimed at empowering the International Criminal Court.

Post ‘Cobra’

Whatever the impact of the strange and laughable dialogues by the actor on the paying audience at the time of the release of the movies, these utterances from a podium from where an election speech was to be made did not sound convincing from a visibly ill and tottering actor.

Amoral Taxes

In India, the Constitution authorises the government to raise taxes, but also says that each taxation idea must be accompanied by a law, enacted to that end. Taxes are legal but how ethical are they?

Alapan Bandopadhyay: Caug...

When Indian Administrative Service officers are made to become pliable putty at the hands of politicians, the chaos is palpable. The former chief secretary is only a pawn in the big battle between Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Laws for seafarers: All a...

A recent study found gaping holes in the laws that apply to international seafarers during the Covid 19 pandemic. Normally, this would have been a major human rights violation issue. Today, it is also a bigger, legal problem.

News Update

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