Monday, October 18, 2021
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US News

US Supreme Court judges air their independence in public as confidence ratings dip to all-time low

Traditionally, Supreme Court justices in the USA have let written decisions explain their position on matters of law and philosophy. However, tradition is less a factor in America than ever before, as recent behaviour by three justices of the highest court have made clear.

A Divided States of America in 2024?

Lawyers on both sides of the election controversies in the USA will be busy for the next several years. The result of their efforts will determine if American Democracy survives in its current 233-year-old form or becomes an authoritarian state run by a minority political party.

Trump supporters keep hopes up despite Maricopa County vote debacle, GOP study says Biden did win Arizona

By Kenneth Tiven THEN: Multiple lawyers in dozens of law suits failed to convince any court in the United States that President Joseph Biden’s election 2020 win over Donald Trump was accomplished ...

Governor Gavin Newsom wins California recall election, setback for Trump supporters

Republican efforts to snatch the governorship of California with a recall election have failed. The idea was hatched by angry Trump supporters in a state where US President Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the presidential race last year by 30 points.

Jeffrey Epstein accuser sues Prince Andrew for sexual abuse

Andrew has stepped down from royal duties amid the Epstein sex scandal with his reputation left in tatters.

Andrew Cuomo resigns as New York Governor over sexual harassment charges

Andrew Cuomo has resigned as governor of New York in a behavioral scandal putting the end to a dynastic political family involved in running New York State for most of the past 50 years.

Donald Trump: The Net Closes

The man who was the top law enforcement official in the USA is talking to investigators about the final days of the Donald Trump Administration. Is former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen spilling the inside story about Trump’s role in the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol

Eric Garcetti is US President Biden’s pick for ambassador to India

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed as US Ambassador is President Joe Biden’s choice, reflecting in a number of ways the importance of the India-USA relationship.

California judge overturns key weapons ban, likens Swiss Army knife to semi-automatic rifle

This may sound like an advertisement for a gun shop, it is actually part of the opinion rendered by a US Federal Court judge in overturning California's longtime ban on assault weapons.

American legal system continues to squeeze Trump, his cronies

The American legal system is squeezing former President Donald Trump, who continues to lack a social media platform with which to shout back loudly.

News Update

AMU founder Sir Syed’s crusade against illiteracy benefited all Indians, not just Muslims: ex-CJI TS Thakur

Former Chief Justice of India Justice T.S. Thakur on Sunday said Sir Syed Ahmad Khan dedicated himself for the uplift of Indian society and that his visions were ahead of his time.
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