Sunday, January 16, 2022
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US News


By Inderjit Badhwar In the pursuit of a little variety, India Legal, on a fairly regular basis, carries international stories which are not strictly about legal developments but have, nonetheless,...

The Threat to American Democracy Grows

Lawyers keep telling judges that former president Donald Trump has immunity regarding everything that happened on January 6. US District Judge Amit Mehta wasn’t buying it and called the charge “simply inappropriate”. The judge was dealing with the meaning of Trump’s refusal to call off the rioters for 187 crucial minutes during the insurrection as they stormed the Capitol building.

US Capitol attack: A year later, Biden vows action against Trump supporters’ abortive bid

By Kenneth Tiven in Washington “I will defend this nation. I will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of democracy,” said US President Joseph Biden at ceremonies marking the failed insurr...

America’s Culture War

About 50 of the more than 720 people charged in the Capitol invasion and destruction have been found guilty, although punishments have tended to be lenient despite the deaths and millions of dollars in damages. Lawyers are finding plenty of work on all sides of this conflict.

Covid vaccination returns as battleground between Biden administration, states

By Kenneth Tiven in Washington Medical experts estimate the USA could see a million new cases of Omicron Covid virus a day if the current surge rate of 50% keeps growing. The death rate is sign...

US Supreme Court under fire for upholding new Texas abortion law

Recent Supreme Court of the United States decisions involving an abortion prevention law passed by Texas Republicans is having all the effects that its originators desired:

US Supreme Court: Litmus Test

This long running divide in American politics has become a toxic stew of religion and women’s rights, amped up with conservative versus liberal ideology. Opponents of vaccine mandates and masking rules appear immune to the contradiction of opposing government intrusion into personal freedom with the desire to regulate what women can and cannot do with personal health issues.

Going for Broke

By Kenneth Tiven in Washington The frequency and fervour of the fund-raising emails is a good indicator of how former US President Donald Trump is handling the pressure of a Congressional House Se...

US politics: Trump threatens election boycott in 2022-24 if ‘election fraud 2020’ not solved

By Kenneth Tiven To understand how joyless and deadlocked the political atmosphere has become in the United States, consider this: When a Donald Trump-inspired mob stormed the Capitol Building on ...

US Supreme Court judges air their independence in public as confidence ratings dip to all-time low

Traditionally, Supreme Court justices in the USA have let written decisions explain their position on matters of law and philosophy. However, tradition is less a factor in America than ever before, as recent behaviour by three justices of the highest court have made clear.

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