Friday, December 8, 2023

Well, Most of Legal Proceedings and Practices are Completely Paper Based Operations, the Legal Industry Still Consume Largest Volume of Physical Paper

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Law firms generate a masses of paper, from contracts to client intake documents to court documents. It’s very common to walk into any firm and see stacks upon stacks of paper on any desk. A study conducted by PERICENT shows that one lawyer almost generate printed pages between 20,000 and 100,000 annually. The higher portion of this amount, that’s roughly 50 pages per hour.

Let’s take a look at the lifecycle of a document within an attorney firm to see the amount of mass documents circulate.For example, It begins when a lawyer with a legal assistant, who makes a draft. Now the documents are reviewed with marking by highlighter, edited and redrafted, thereafter reprinted. After it has been approved by the lawyer all the documents are signed and submitted to the court either by hand or by courier. The insured courier need makes sure the documents reach to the court without mishap.

Then documents were opened and the court gets a copy. Opposing counsel also likely gets a copy, maybe more than one depending on the size of the case and the number of attorneys involved. Finally, all the documents will store somewhere in storage room with no real safety.

It is not just about the physical  paper but the information which is printed on the paper is more important. Thus, the loss of this precious information can cause big consequences for the lawyer, the client and person about whom the paper was carrying the information. So, the concept of Document Management system is of huge importance for any law firm. 

According to Sanjay Sharma ( founder and expert in software automation technology), around 15% of law firms has adopted digital transformation , but almost 85% are still executing on a paper operations. Here, PERICENT is assisting the law firms to streamline and modernise how they manage their physical and electronic records for significant cost savings and also helping to turn paper journey to digital journey.

So legal departments also dive into digital document management. Moving to paperless management is more than having just fewer boxes to store. There are numerous additional advantages to becoming more organised, and able to provide better service to clients. Paper reduction will lead to better organisation, simplified search and replication, as well as enhanced security.

PERICENT is an enterprise product firm based in Jaipur helping organisations for simplifying document collaboration, digital processing, approvals, compliance, audit processes as well as for instance access of the information on any document. The company believes that operational performance, accountability, and process compliances can be better increased by automation of key driving elements(document, process, roles, and policies) in any organisation including private and public.

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