Chhattisgarh High Court directs Chief Secretary to take appropriate steps regarding pollution caused by factory's waste

The Chhattisgarh High Court directed the Chief Secretary of the State to take appropriate steps with regard to the pollution caused by the factory's waste.

The Division Bench of Chief Justice Ramesh Sinha and Justice Ravindra Kumar Agrawal heard a Suo Moto Public Interest Litigation (PIL) registered on the basis of the news item published in daily newspaper named "Remains of factories set on fire"

The Bench noted from the news item that the remains of factories are being dumped on vacant land in the busiest area of Sirgitti and are also being set on fire with impunity. Burning of remains is not only polluting the environment, but also playing with the health of residents of nearby vicinity.

"It is not that this is the first case of burning of factory waste in this area. Burning of garbage continues unabated. Despite this, till date no action has been taken by the Environment Department nor has the local administration tightened its grip on such owners. Therefore, they spread dirt wherever they want. "

Considering the aforesaid facts, the Bench directed the Chief Secretary, State of Chhattisgarh is directed to file his personal affidavit regarding the news item.

Considering the fact that wastage from the factories etc. which is being burnt in an open place where the cattles are also seen grazing the wastage and which is also affecting the health of the citizens at large and that in past also some incident has taken place where the various vehicles were found burnt, the High Court directed the Chief Secretary of the State inform to the Court regarding the steps being taken by him so that the wastage of the factories and other establishments are not burnt in an open place causing danger to the health of the citizens as well as the animals.

The Court noted that entire area from Pendridih bypass road to the High Court, environment is being polluted because of the coal dust due to Hirri mines and the entire plantation in the said area is being destroyed due to dust and it has been further noticed that large number of plastic bags and garbage are being dumped and cows are consuming the same and pollution is also being caused. It is of great concern to the health of common passers-by using the said road including the residents of the vicinity as well as the animals eating the said garbage. Therefore, the Chief Secretary of the State is directed by the Court to take appropriate steps in this regard.

Matter is listed on 10th January, 2024 for further hearing.